The Juice You Should Drink On An Empty Stomach To Lose Weight

The juice you should drink on an empty stomach to lose weight | Pexels

Starting the day with this drink helps you have energy for the whole day and feel satisfied without having to eat so much, this is the juice you should drink on an empty stomach to lose weight.

We understand that taking care of your line is very important for your health and work performance, so we will reveal a natural remedy helps reduce appetite and thus lose weight quickly.


The drink that we will present below is ideal for when you want to drink something refreshing after doing some sport, there are those who are used to running for 20 to 30 minutes before breaking fast.

The above depends on your metabolism and your lifestyle, before making any changes in your diet or your exercise routine it is necessary that you consult a health specialist, remember that each person has different needs.

The juice ingredients that we will recommend today are very easy to find and the best thing about this recipe is that it is very quick to prepare, so the excuses are over, it is time to lose weight.

The recipe for a delicious lemon and ginger juice
Two cups of grated carrot (250 g)
A red apple
Two ice cubes
A spoonful of honey
½ tablespoon ginger
½ cup of mineral water
Lemon Juice (50 ml)
Wash and chop the carrot, apple and ginger into pieces
Add mineral water
Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and mix
You can add ice to taste
Your drink is ready to be taken