The Kennedys, Against Donald Trump

“Dear Ellie and James: This is a moment that you will read in your history books. Today I will vote to challenge the president of the United States. And I want you to know why. ” Thus, addressing his children, began yesterday Wednesday his address the young Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy III. It was a moment of great relevance and the gesture, with a lot of performance component, is being commented on by the entire North American press.

That a member of the most respected saga in the country joins the impeachment, the
dishonorable process
provided by law to dismiss the president, has a fundamental aesthetic burden. Only three times, including this one, has Congress decided to implement such a serious measure against its president. Donald Trump, the most bizarre president that the US has possibly known in its 250 years of history, has the honor of succeeding Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998).


Joseph Patrick Kennedy III is the youngest politician of the only royal dynasty that the United States has known. He is the son of Joseph Kennedy II, who preceded him in the House of Representatives for more than 10 years, and his parental line is robust: his great-uncles were nothing less than the mythical President JFK and Senator Ted Kennedy.

The Kennedy are the most respected saga in the US.
(Catherine Nance / EP)

He graduated in Science from Stanford (California) in 2003 and received a Ph.D. from Harvard (Massachusetts) in 2009, and there he met his wife, Lauren Birchfield. Three years later he began working on the re-election to the Senate of his veteran uncle Ted, he became assistant district attorney and since January 2013 he is a congressman from Massachusetts, New England state, the birthplace of all Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy celebrates his birthday with the whole family in November 1963.
(Public domain)

“People often tell me very nice things about my family every day, but sometimes not. My family means different things to different people. I think the majority have very good memories and believe that my family made important contributions to the country. And I think so too, and I'm grateful when they share their stories with me: 'I shook your grandfather's hand' (or President JFK), 'I met your uncle Teddy' … That fills me with pride, 'said the young man recently in an interview.



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