The Last Dance Furor: 1985 Michael Jordan Sneakers Auctioned At Outrageous Price

They belong to the heritage of Jordan Geller, collector and founder of Shoezeum, the world’s first shoe museum. Auction house Sotheby’s will take advantage of the moment to finish off that pair of Nike Air Jordan 1.

The bidding started at noon on Friday in New York and will continue until May 17, the company said in a statement. The value is estimated to be as high as $ 150,000. “These are the most iconic and coveted sneakers of all time. Having them was a real treat. But with all the excitement surrounding Michael Jordan and The Last Dance, my wife and I understood that it is time to let the sneakers find a new home, “remarked the owner.


It is the first model of the Nike Air Jordan sneakers (with the Chicago colors: white, black and red), which came to have 34 versions. It has the first Air Jordan emblem, the Nike Air emblem on the tongue and the real signature with an indelible fiber “The GOAT” (“the best of all time” in English) on the right shoe.

That mythical model is the same one that Jordan decided to use, after 13 years and many technological advances in footwear, on March 8, 1998 on his last visit to the legendary Madison Square Garden, his favorite stadium, as a farewell.

Sotheby’s, known for auctioning works of art for millions of dollars, held its first auction devoted entirely to sneakers last year. He set a record $ 437,500 for a pair of 1972 Nike track shoes, known as the “Moon Shoe”.

Jordan and the refusal to record the interviews at his home

The director of The Last Dance revealed that none of the talks they did with the former basketball player was recorded at his Florida mansion. Jason Hehir revealed that Jordan refused to do so. “There are certain aspects of your life that you want to keep private,” he explained.