The ‘leader’ Of The Anti-vaccines Of Italy Contracts COVID-19 And Asks From The Hospital "follow Science"

Lorenzo Damiano, one of the visible heads of the anti-vaccine movement in Italy, has had to be hospitalized after contracting COVID-19. Damiano has regretted not being vaccinated and has asked the population to “follow the science”, according to information from the Adnkronos news agency collected by Europa Press.

The leader of the movement known as No Vax in Italy has affirmed from the hospital that his vision of the world “has changed” and he is “ready to tell the world how important it is to collectively follow science, the one that heals and saves you” , according to La Repubblica. Damiano, 56, will be discharged from hospital this Thursday and has guaranteed that he will be vaccinated: “Get this vaccine because it saves your life.”


He also thanked the doctors and health workers at the hospital where he was admitted, Vittorio Veneto, for treating him: “They have been wonderful.”

Italy began this Wednesday to administer the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to those over 18 years of age. Recently, the Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office (northern Italy) has opened an investigation into the so-called “corona-parties”, a practice to get infected with the coronavirus with the intention of overcoming the disease and being able to obtain the health certificate.

These are private parties in which at least one of the participants is a carrier of the virus and which have become fashionable in the Alto Adige region, one of which currently has the highest numbers of virus infections in the country and where opposition to vaccines is deeply rooted among the German-speaking community, according to local media.



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