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The Leg Exercise With Which You Will Lose Weight And Work Your Abdomen

Doctors and nutritionists recommend that their patients follow a healthy diet in combination with a physical exercise routine to lose weight. Although the activity and diet will vary depending on the person, anyone who wants to get rid of those extra kilos will have to abandon all types of sedentary lifestyle. The sport practiced can consist of running, swimming or going to the gym to practice all kinds of disciplines.

Something that many will have learned from the isolation derived from the coronavirus is that the movement is within everyone’s reach. You don’t have to go to a pool or gym to exercise. While it is totally acceptable, it is equally feasible to play sports at home. One way to get out of a sedentary lifestyle is to do a leg lift exercise while lying on the floor.

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This movement, present in some disciplines such as yoga, requires lying on the floor and raising the legs to different heights. The physical therapist Melissa García has told Live Strong that the leg lift promotes balance and works mainly the abdomen area. Although it may be difficult at first, as this exercise is practiced, we will become more familiar with it. In case of having problems in the lower back area, it will be interesting to put ourselves in the hands of professionals who analyze our case and propose a sports routine according to our abilities and needs.

García believes that “as long as you can move without pain, you will be doing well.” Once the general risks and benefits of this movement are known, it is time to put it into practice. First of all, you will have to lie down on the floor and leave your arms on both sides. Next, you will have to press the lower back and lift the legs without separating them until they form a 90º angle. Go up and down slowly, you can go from 90 to 45 degrees until you reach the ground and start again.

Avoid lower back pain

Garcia advises placing the hands under the tailbone to avoid losing balance during the movement. Also, this can serve as a reference for people with lower back pain. In case of discomfort, it will be advisable to lower your legs more or less in each repetition (reaching 45º will be more than enough, it is not necessary to touch the ground).

Do not forget to exercise the other leg and take the opportunity to insert them

In addition to this movement in which the two legs are raised without separating them to activate the abdomen, there is the option of leaving one of them on the ground and lifting the other. Those who are willing to make a greater effort can take the opportunity to lift the lower back a little more and bring the leg higher. Although it is advisable to do several repetitions, do not forget to exercise the other leg and intersperse them. You can, for example, lift one for thirty seconds and, while that one rests, lift the other for the same amount of time.

Enjoy other sports

A third alternative encourages those who want to exercise to keep their legs parallel to the ground, at a low height. According to García, leaving the limbs in this position for about four seconds will make our body work more. Although it has previously been commented that it is not necessary to go to a gym or be surrounded by material specialized in physical exercise, it is equally acceptable to lift weight with your legs to make a greater effort.

Personal trainer Carolina Araujo has indicated that leg lifts not only work the abdominal area, but also promote the muscles ‘responsible’ for balance that are used on a daily basis. This means that they improve the total movement of the trunk. In addition, exercise also helps to strengthen the three muscles responsible for stabilizing the pelvic area. Araujo invites accustomed people to spend a lot of time sitting to exercise that area, since an improvement in balance also prevents possible injuries.

Finally, performing this movement promotes better posture, which reduces lower back pain. In addition, as the movement is repeated, those who dare to run, climb and ride a bike will notice a difference in terms of balance. In short, the more the leg lift is practiced, the more benefits we will find in our body and the skills that we can play with it.


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