The Legendary Photo Of José José, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto And Rocío Dúrcal Is Cropped And There Is An Original

The legendary photo of José José, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto and Rocío Dúrcal is cropped and there is an original | INSTAGRAM

The legendary photograph that was taken in Los Angeles, around 1984, where the great artists appear sitting on a sofa, Camilo Sesto, Juan Gabriel, Rocío Dúrcal and José José in the offices of Ariola, was cropped and there is an original.

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All this time we live thinking that photography was so magical because it only had these 4 greats of Hispanic music, but everyone's surprise is that there is actually an original photograph where more people appear.

The original photograph is taken by music producer Fernando Hernandéz and revealed that the photo was taken in the offices of the Ariola record company (which is now Sony Music) of which he was executive producer at the time.

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Thanks to him we know that in this image the manager of the Spanish singers, Willy Vicedo, as well as Máximo Aguirre, who at that time was the director of Ariola in Los Angeles.

Until today we thought that in a single image, where they appear in black and white and sitting on a sofa, there were only four of the greatest performers in Spanish, where a time and a great stage for Spanish-speaking singers were also represented.

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It should be remembered that on September 28, Mexico lost one of its greatest talents with the death of José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, better known as José José. To honor his legacy in romantic music, the Philharmonic of the Arts is scheduled for next week two concerts under the title "Goodbye to the Prince" José José.

In the show that will last between 90 minutes to two hours, 18 songs will be performed, among which are: "Pillow", "The Ship of Oblivion", "Love and Love" and "The Sad".

In both events will be present around 40 musicians who will use wind instruments, strings and percussion.

However, special guests will turn the classic term around; These are Bianka García, Cinthya Blackcat, and Yoli Moreno, who will occupy bass, guitar and drums, respectively.