The Letter Scorsese Sent To Bong Joon-ho After The Triumph Of ‘Parasites’

The historic victory of Parasites in the 92nd edition of the Academy Awards has revolutionized the idea of ​​international cinema in Hollywood. The South Korean film, which on February 9 won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film, Best Director and Best Film, has not only put its director, Bong Joon, in the spotlight of the industry. ho – but he has also received praise from some of his most prominent figures. Bong Joon-ho has revealed the written congratulations Martin Scorsese sent him after the victory of Parasites at the Oscars. (Image: Ian West – PA England / Gtres) More This is the case of Martin Scorsese, Bong’s nomination partner for The Irish and a source of inspiration for the South Korean – according to his own words. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we have learned that during a conference with the team and the distribution of Parasites in Seoul, Bong has revealed the letter of congratulations Scorsese sent him after he swept the Oscars. “I just read his letter a few years ago hours and it has been an honor. He tells me that I did a good job and that I should rest, but only a little because he and everyone else are anxiously waiting for my next film. ”And it seems that Bong will listen to Scorsese, because after months of promotion all over the world, he has announced his intention to take a break before embarking on his next projects – such as producing the series of his films Snowpiercer (for TNT) and Parasites (for HBO). The truth is that in his thank-you speech the South Korean dedicated some words to the director from Taxi Driver and One of ours, remembering how his phrase “the most personal is the most creative” inspired him when he studied cinema – a recognition that made the Oscar auditorium stand up to honor the legendary 77-year-old filmmaker . On the other hand, Bong also wanted to remember Quentin Tarantino for having made known and defended his work before the American public.During his conference in Seoul, Bong Joon-ho confessed how proud he is of the success of Parasites beyond his victory in the Oscar. The film broke box office records in South Korea and has swept through its re-release in numerous countries – including Spain -, raising a total of 182 million euros / 197 million dollars. In addition, he was satisfied that the film did not hide his harsh message about economic inequality and still worked at the box office – since initially Bong considered it “very commercially risky.” More stories that may interest you: