The Lima Group Supports The Formation Of a National Emergency Government In Venezuela

The countries of the Lima Group expressed their support on Thursday for the proposal of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid贸 for the establishment of “a National Emergency Government that includes all political and social sectors” in Venezuela.


In a joint statement released by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, he also expressed his “appreciation” for “the important proposal” of the United States Administration for “the formation of a Transitional Government” and stressed that it coincides “with the objective of the Lima Group to guarantee the return to democracy in Venezuela. ”

The statement was signed by the Governments of Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and also by Venezuela, referring to the government that Juan Guaid贸 recognizes, whom more than half one hundred countries consider the interim president of that country.


The Lima Group reiterated its “commitment to contribute to the return of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela” and reiterated its call for “the international community to send a clear and unequivocal message to end the crisis facing the Venezuelan people , which has been aggravated in recent weeks with the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

He also reaffirmed his “conviction (that) it is Venezuelans themselves who must lead the return to democracy in Venezuela,” although he noted that “given the serious crisis, international accompaniment is urgent to find a peaceful solution in that direction.”

“In this sense, we support the proposal of the president in charge Juan Guaid贸, from the National Assembly of Venezuela, to constitute a National Emergency Government that includes all the political and social sectors of the country,” he announced.


The countries of the group considered that this emergency government “would delegate to a Council of State the fundamental decisions to guarantee the emergency response, the mitigation of the pandemic, international humanitarian assistance and international financial aid.”

Furthermore, it should be in charge of “arranging the approval of the norms for national reconciliation, framed in the respect for human rights, and the celebration of democratic general elections, with renewed and independent electoral organisms and international observation”.


The Lima Group stated that it “also” appreciates “the important proposal” of the US Government, “for the formation of a Transitional Government” to replace that of Nicol谩s Maduro and highlighted “its coincidence” with its objective “of guarantee the return to democracy in Venezuela by holding free, fair and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections. ”

“We also appreciate the efforts made by other actors in the international community with the same purpose; as well as those who bring humanitarian attention to the Venezuelan population and to the millions of Venezuelans displaced from their country,” he said.

He also highlighted the “important role assumed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)” to address the coronavirus pandemic in that country and “those who fight daily for the respect of human rights in Venezuela.”


The countries of the Lima Group assured that they follow “with extreme concern the situation facing Venezuela” and called on the international community “to work together” to help resolve it peacefully.

They reiterated that all these measures should lead “to the restoration of the rule of law and the constitutional and democratic order in Venezuela.”

“Count on all the support of the Lima Group countries for this,” they concluded.


Juan Guaid贸 proposed on March 28 to his country’s political and military forces to help form a national emergency government in his nation that can access international financing in order to avoid “thousands of deaths” by COVID-19 .

This Tuesday, an article published by the head of the US State Department For Venezuela, Elliott Abrams proposed a plan so that both Maduro and Guaid贸 “step aside” and that “members elected in the National Assembly of both parties can create a Council of State to serve as a transitional government, to organize elections free and fair presidential elections. ”



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