The Love Story Of Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens

Kirk Douglas, that incombustible man who knew how to leave his mark on Hollywood based on being loyal to his principles, has left us. The unforgettable Spartacus died last Wednesday at 103 years surrounded by his loved ones and leaving Olivia de Havilland as the last survivor of the Golden Age (103 years). And while many of us remember his almost 90 films and his legacy as a figure in the history of cinema, this icon should also be remembered for another reason: his exciting love story. That unbreakable union that he formed with Anne Buydens for almost seven decades even through infidelities.Kirk Douglas and Anne in May 2017 (AP Photo; Reed Saxon; GTRES) MoreHe was already a consecrated star when he met her thanks to successes like El Mud Idol (1949, where he refused to have a double and he interpreted all the boxing scenes) or Captives of Evil (1952) that, by the way, earned him Oscar nominations, and was recovering from the divorce of his First wife, Diana Dill, mother of Michael and Joel Douglas. Anne Buydens, who survives him with 100 years, was a publicist when they met in Paris in 1953. Born on April 19, 1919 in Hanover, Germany, she fled her country with his family in the rise of Nacism as a teenager, emigrating to Belgium and starting his first steps in the cinema making subtitle translations for a studio. But let’s go to the beginning. Despite being one of the most sought-after gallants of the time, with blue eyes that had the gift of going through the screen, Anne rejected him when he asked for an appointment. They met in the French capital when a photographer friend of the two introduced them on the set of Act of Love, just when the two were with other people. Kirk was secretly engaged to actress Pier Angeli and she was married to a Belgian friend to stay safe during World War II. As Anne recalls in the couple’s joint book, Kirk and Anne: Letters of love, laughter ad a lifetime in Hollywood – a compilation of letters that were written over the years – the actor was not at all subtle, telling him “ Come, let me take you to the lion’s lair. ” Although today no actor would dare to launch a phrase of this type due to the new rules of conduct in Hollywood after movements such as Time’s Up and #MeToo, that den was nothing more than his dressing room, where he asked if he could take her to dinner . He had thought about taking her to an “expensive” and “romantic” restaurant, as he revealed in an interview, believing that he would show her gallantry and good taste. But she rejected it. “No thanks, I think I’ll go home and make some scrambled eggs,” he replied. “She was the hardest woman I had ever met,” Kirk told USA Today a long time ago. “I was a huge movie star. And he had invited her to dinner and she said “Oh, thank you very much, but I’m tired.” But things did not end there. Kirk persisted, leaving aside that initial idea that by being a movie star he could conquer it, developing a platonic relationship when Anne began working as a publicist for him. “I stopped talking about myself and started listening to it,” he said in the book. And so, little by little, he left his breastplate aside to show himself as another human being, conquering her away from his image as a film hero. Moreover, the day she knew she had fallen in love, he was not doing anything related to the cinema, but raising animal feces. How do they read it? It happened one night that they went to a charity gala held in a circus, where Douglas helped collect elephant dung dressed in a tuxedo. “That’s what got me,” Buydens told USA Today. “Not only was it funny, but it showed me that I could do things that were not expected of him.” And so, Cupid did his thing. So many years of gala posing in front of the cameras to end up conquering the love of his life with animal excrement. Touché Cupido.Read more They got married in May 1954, and during those first years together, Kirk dared more than ever. The following year he faced Hollywood and his fear of communism moving away from the norms imposed by the studios to start his own company, Bryna Productions, and thus do what he wanted. Two of his most remembered films were born from that project: Paths of Glory (1956) and Spartacus (1960), giving an opportunity to an unknown Stanley Kubrick both times and facing the blacklist by hiring the banished Hollywood screenwriter for communist, Dalton Trumbo, to write the script of the peplum tape par excellence with an official credit. It was the first time that the acclaimed screenwriter had seen his name in a film in more than ten years signing with pseudonyms. In those years he even returned to the Broadway stages with an adaptation of Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest. As an anecdote, I tell you that Kirk loved this story and dreamed of being able to take it to the movies. Shortly after he bought the cinematographic rights. He could never do it again, but his son Michael Douglas could. He produced it instead, winning five Oscar awards and sharing the winnings with his father, but returning to Anne. Throughout their lives together they had a habit of writing love letters. “Honey, how is it that when I am away from you, such love for you surpasses me at 2:30 in the morning?” Kirk wrote to him while rolling Glory Paths. “I wake up to write to you. How incomplete I feel without my family. How can a man live alone? To live alone for oneself is to be dead. And yes, I welcome this separation to raise my awareness of how much you mean to me. The early hours take out the poet in me. ” How beautiful … But she was not far behind. In many of his answers published in the book he talks about “how sad” and “depressed” he felt when he was not by his side. However, despite the love they had on paper, behind and in front of the cameras , not everything was rosy. There are those who disagree and those who do, but both maintained a free love where Kirk had some freedom. In the same book, Kirk reveals that he was unfaithful on several occasions with partners like Patricia Neal and Rita Hayworth, among others. And Anne always knew. The actor did not hide his extramarital adventures and she understood. “Kirk never tried to hide his amusements from me. As a European, I understood that it was unrealistic to expect total fidelity in marriage, ”Anne confessed in the book. Loyalty always remained between the two despite everything. They had two children, Peter and Eric – the latter died in 2004 at age 46 from an accidental overdose – and she took care of him in every moment of adversity. He even saved him from death by mere premonition. Kirk planned to fly to New York with Elizabeth Taylor’s husband, director Mike Todd, on a private plane in 1958. But she insisted she had a “weird feeling” about it and insisted she not go. So much that they ended up arguing and Kirk decided to stay at home. Shortly after they heard the news on the radio. The plane had crashed without leaving survivors. Together they faced Eric’s tragic death, Anne’s battle with breast cancer and the stroke that Kirk had in 1996 and left him with speech problems. Almost 70 years of marriage forming a union that held them together forming one of the strongest families in Hollywood. Together they were among the best-known philanthropists in the industry, celebrating Thanksgiving dinners for years for homeless people. Evidence of that love is found in Kirk’s speech when he accepted the honorary Oscar in 1996, when he dedicated it exclusively to her . “I see my four children. They are proud of their old father. And I am too. Proud to be part of Hollywood for 50 years. But this is for my wife, Anne, I love you. ”Even in the book they published about their love in 2015, Kirk includes what he thought was his best poem, one that he wrote for Anne and is titled“ Romance begins at 80. ”More stories that may interest you: