The Mask, Joker And Pennywise Could Appear In The Film

More than 20 years have passed, but basketball and cartoons will return together to the big screen. That’s what we can expect from Space Jam 2, the sequel to that original movie that we surely all saw on channel 5, and maybe some more in the cinema, but that’s not all. Well, a new report ensures that the film will feature more Warner Bros. properties including The Mask, Joker and the terrible Pennywise. Don’t miss: They arrest a man dressed as Joker who threatened to commit crimes According to We Got This Covered, there are to be cautious, The Mask, the Joker and the clown Pennywise will have an appearance in Space Jam 2. This report came out yesterday and today a photo has appeared in which the three characters are together and it is rumored that it could be from the set of the film, although none of this is clear and should be taken with some skepticism, as it could be unofficial images. The sequel would supposedly have these three lovers of chaos as part of the rival team of the Looney Tunes in the new movie . The same media reports that, for La Máscara, Jim Carrey himself would return to voice his voice, but it would not be him who would give life to the character. This could lead to perhaps only brief cameos of these characters. In the photo that is said to be from the set, a version of the Joker appears quite similar to that of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (25%). In case you don’t remember Space Jam: The Game of the Century (36%) it was a sensation in the mid-nineties with the public. The film recounted how Michael Jordan trained the Looney Toons group to win a basketball game that would set them free after being captured by the cruel owner of an intergalactic amusement park. Although the critic had a mixed response to the film, he ended up raising almost four times his budget. The sequel will follow the same idea, but now with LeBron James as the protagonist. The film will also feature the original cast of the animated characters and, if this report ends up being truthful, perhaps you can also have another group of characters that are owned by Warner Bros to give a boost with the younger audience that may not be So familiar with the Looney Tunes. We recommend: Kobe Bryant and his love of animation. The idea is not far-fetched if we take into account that this type of crossover has already happened in previous films from that same studio. For example, in The Great Lego Adventure (96%) and in LEGO Batman: The Movie (91%) there is a very interesting mix of characters of all kinds. The same happened with Ready Player One: The Game Begins (78%), the ambitious film by Steven Spielberg that won the rights of many classic and recognized characters from the world of video games for the movie.Space Jam 2 seems to be just as ambitious when it comes to having all kinds of characters in your sights. Could it be that these three will give a good fight on the court? It will be seen, the film continues to roll and will see its premiere until July 2021, so we will have to wait a while longer until we have more news and official confirmations of the plans that the studio has for the sequel.Continue reading: Sports Movies , the great absent from Mexican cinema