The Media In The US Focus On The Police And Dozens Of Controversial Videos Emerge In a Few Days

The protests against racism and police abuse triggered by the death of George Floyd – suffocated by an agent in Minneapolis – have left all kinds of images: more police abuse, arbitrary arrests, friendly fire between agents, attacks on journalists and police in solidarity with the protesters.


Two Buffalo, New York, police officers have been suspended from employment and salary for pushing and knocking a 75-year-old man to the ground that it presented no threat. The man, who hits his head and begins to bleed without the agents coming to his aid, is in serious condition. Initially, the city police had claimed that the lord had tripped and fallen.

In Atlanta, Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim, university students, were driving when they got stuck in the traffic generated by the protests. A group of officers surrounds them, punctures their wheels, breaks the window, shoots with the taser (electric shock weapon) and forcibly removes them from the vehicle. The young man ended up with a broken wrist and 24 points on his arm. Six police officers have been accused of excessive use of force and two have been dismissed..

In Minneapolis, the city where the protests began, he is seen as a group of agents, escorted by a military Humvee of the National Guard, walk down a street without disturbances and shoot at a group of people who were on the porch of his house at the shout of : “Get inside!” “I am not an expert in police tactics, but I can say that I would not have allowed this to my soldiers in Iraq,” said Jim Golby, an active-duty military officer who led a team in Iraq and is currently working as a defense policy adviser at the representation. of the USA before NATO.

“Really?” Asked a New York food delivery man after being arrested for violating the curfew, despite being an essential services worker. “I just spoke to the NYPD after watching the disturbing video of a delivery man arrested by the police while doing his job. This is not acceptable and must stop. Food delivery is essential work and exempt from curfew”,

Just got off the phone with @NYPDShea after seeing the troubling video of a delivery worker arrested by police while doing his job. This is NOT acceptable and must stop. Food delivery is essential work and is EXEMPTED from the curfew.

– Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) June 5, 2020“target =” _ blank “> said the mayor, Bill de Blasio, mayor of the city.

The mayor, however, defended the agents’ actions on another occasion in which two police patrols struck a group of protesters who were surrounding them. “The situation started with a group of protesters surrounding and attacking a police car. It is unacceptable,” he claimed.

In Austin, Texas, two youths have been seriously injured after police shooting with 12-gauge shotguns modified to fire ‘non-lethal’ ammunition. One of them, 16, was shot in the head and has had to undergo surgery for seven hours. The moment was recorded, but the family has asked not to broadcast the video so that it is not used to promote hatred or violence. In the following video, you can see city agents firing shotguns at protesters at close range.

The other injured young man, Justin Howell, 20, has a skull fracture and brain damage. Howell was assisted by a group of people They tried to take him to the agents for help, but were met with gunshots, as acknowledged by the police chief. “The doctors say that when he wakes up, he will have difficulty distinguishing right and left,” his brother wrote in an article in the university magazine. In the following video, you can see how officers shoot at a group of people carrying an injured young man who has been identified in the media as Howell.

Washington state police have had to publicly apologize for a video in which an agent tells his team “don’t kill them, but hit them hard,” just before an operation to clear the streets of Seattle. Krystal Marx was working in her office with the sale open when she heard the cops get ready and decided to record on her phone.

Sometimes the agents have dissolved peaceful concentrations. Also in Seattle, protesters were yelling “We don’t see riots, take off your riot gear!” Agents responded with charges.



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