The Message Of The US Embassy On Twitter That Tenses The Fight With China

The diplomatic headquarters of Buenos Aires issued a warning about the advancement of Chinese 5G technology

The US embassy in Argentina today posted a message on the social network Twitter in which it warns about the
China's global advance in the development of 5G. The message, of high political content, links to a newspaper article in which a White House official questions Beijing for establishing "an advanced authoritarian state by modifying technology to put censorship above free expression."

In the midst of speculation about the attitude the government will take from
Alberto Fernández regarding an eventual attempt by China to disembark with its 5G technology in Argentina, the White House representation in Buenos Aires laid its stance on Twitter.


"The protection of #LibertadesCiviles and respect for the #Privacy of each individual is nodal to guarantee a good development of # 5G technology. Not all suppliers are equal. Inform yourself," the embassy wrote.

The message appeared after publication
of an interview in
 THE NATION to the Argentine former ambassador in Beijing
Diego Guelar, in which he affirms that Argentina should move forward with the incorporation of the new communication technology and summon China for it.

"Brazil has already announced that it will tender the 5G infrastructure in 2020 and that it will summon China. In my opinion,
We have to do the same. We know that this is not to the liking of the United States because the two superpowers are embarking on a hard process of confrontation and competition. But they are also very important and interdependent partners. Our position must be to support a multipolar, open world with strong multilateral institutions, "said Guelar.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, opposes the expansion of Chinese 5G technology

Before the consultation of
THE NATION for the intention behind the tweet, the US embassy, ​​which directs
Edward Prado responded that the diplomatic headquarters uses social networks to "celebrate the many ties" that exist between the two countries and to "discuss issues of mutual importance."

"The United States remains the main foreign investor in Argentina, where we maintain a long-standing dedication to promote security, economic development and prosperity, and to advance our shared vision of democratic and inclusive governments," they said.

It is the second time in a week that the diplomatic headquarters refers to 5G. Last Thursday, he published a message in which he seeks to explain the operation of the infrastructure and points out "how #China's #telecommunications providers can be a threat to the national security of countries."

The expansion of Chinese 5G technology irritates the United States.
Donald Trump publicly questioned the company
Huawei and pressures other governments, such as those in France and Germany, to prevent this type of Chinese infrastructure from being installed in their countries for representing, according to Washington, a security risk.

The article shared by the US embassy reproduces the statements of the United States director of technology at the White House,
Michael Kratsios "The Chinese government has established an advanced authoritarian state by modifying technology to put censorship over free expression and citizen control over empowerment," Kratsios said last November, during the Web Summit 2019 technology conference held in Lisbon Portugal. He added: "The Chinese Communist Party uses technology to control and imprison dissidents, activists and minorities."

The Chinese company Huawei is an exponent in the development of 5G technology

Along these lines, Kratsios warned that the advancement of Chinese companies, linked to the Communist Party, can "undermine the freedoms" not only of the Chinese, "but also those of citizens around the world." Therefore, he asks "to act now" against "the influence and control of technology by China."

Fernandez and China

Although they claim to want to avoid diplomatic friction with Washington, the Fernández government will seek
deepen relations with China beyond the agreements reached during the management of
Mauricio Macri. With the intention of being part of the "new silk route" proposed by the president
Xi Jinping, Fernández will give new impetus to the construction of the Chinese nuclear power plant in Campana and other major infrastructure works.

However, in the Foreign Ministry they contemplate China's intention to expand 5G technology in our country as a possible source of tension with the White House at a time when the link must be oiled to advance financial negotiations.
As this newspaper published last week, the Government
I could prioritize other projects for now.




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