The Mexican Who Supports Donald Trump And Fights Migrants

Recently a video went viral in which a woman is seen trying to stop migrants in their attempt to cross the border between mexico and the united states.

Shouting “where? no, no, no go back or we grab them all ”, the woman tries to get in the way of migrants.

“stop you cannot enter here is not your country, you have to enter with papers ”, the woman shouted along with a group of people harassing migrants.  The outrage over this video increased when it became known that the woman is a mexican citizen.


In social media she calls herself ‘paloma for trump’ and is an activist in favor of donald trump different media outlets announced that paloma was born in mexico city and obtained us citizenship thanks to her stepfather.

Despite defending trump’s causes, paloma often uses her social media to ensure she is a proud mexican, in her twitter account she says she is in favor of nationalism, sovereignty, the united states and as curious as it may seem, in favor of mexico.

In her social media accounts she also accuses that there are those who want to turn the united states into mexico, because “the only thing that interests them is for mexicans to massively drain the united states and buy their garbage.”

Paloma says that one must understand what is really happening in the united states to be able to fight it and presented her web series “mexicanization of the united states”.

She’s aware of the controversy caused by her comments, paloma says that the fight should not be against her, but “against corrupt governments that force them to have to flee so they cannot return.”

On september 16, she shared a video in which she said she was in mexico to celebrate the national holidays. in the images, paloma wore a shirt with the colors of the mexican flag, in that video, paloma condemned that the mexican flag be used to disrespect the united states or to protest.

On september 15, she shared a message with her followers in which she said she was proud to be mexican and american, in her twitter account, she also shared a message addressed to actress eva longoria, in which she reprimanded her for supporting illegal immigrants who “abuse the system” and put legal migrants like her at risk.

Paloma says she doesn’t consider donald trump to be racist.

When people ask me if president trump is racist, i tell them: no, there is nothing racist about defending your country, i have never heard president trump make a racist comment about me or about someone who has not broken the law.

She has even shared videos in which she confronts another person and tells them that if thet don’t like the united states they can go to another country.

I’m mexican, if you don’t like the united states, go elsewhere, go to mexico, go to central america if you don’t like being here

Paloma says that her support for trump is because she doesn’t want the usa to become mexico

I am a us citizen, i live in this country and i am 100% with president trump i do not want the best country in the world to become what i’ve witnessed first hand in mexico

And of course, she has not hesitated to show her support for trump’s re-election in 2020. what is your opinion of her?

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