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The Millionaire Inheritance Left By Selena Quintanilla | People | Entertainment

Selena Quintanilla, the so-called queen of Tex-Mex, was 23 years old when she was preparing to make the great leap into the world of Anglo-Saxon music.

Selena Quintanilla, the so-called queen of Tex-Mex, was 23 years old when she was preparing to make the great leap into the world of Anglo-Saxon music. He had accumulated great fame in the Latin market and everything indicated that his new stage would also be a success. But his dreams were cut short on March 31, 1995.

Although he is not physically there, now his story is more powerful than ever. His music has not gone out of style and productions about his life have made his figure become immortal. Even earlier this year, Latino legislators presented a petition for the film Selena, starring the American Jennifer López, to be included in the National Film Registry of the National Library, which is responsible for preserving the most representative films of the country.

Currently, Selena remains one of the Latin artists who has sold the most albums worldwide – about 90 million -, only surpassed by Gloria Estefan and Shakira. The release of her greatest hits album on vinyl was the first by a female artist and a Latin artist to rank first on the prestigious Billboard chart.

Deborah Paredez, professor at Columbia University and author of the 2009 book “Selenidad: Selena, Latinos and the Performance of Memory,” explained to Efe that the artist’s musical catalog allows her music to resonate with Latin Americans from different countries.

“You hear different Colombian and Caribbean rhythms mixed with Mexican music,” he said. “This helps make their sound universal among Latinos.”

In times of urban mergers, Quintanilla was a pioneer and continues today.

AB Quintanilla, producer of his sister’s music, explained in an interview in 1995: “They call us Texans and yes, we are from Texas. But our music is a fusion of rhythms from Mexico and South America. It is a mix of tropical, reggae, cumbia and other genres with a more pop influence ”.

And his influence is evident when his songs are performed by artists as diverse as Cardi B, Kacey Musgraves, Camila Cabello and Jennifer López, who have sung his songs on their latest tours.

Thus, the deceased artist – who was already 50 years old – left a fortune of $ 326,000, which was divided equally between her husband Chris Pérez and the rest of the singer’s family. The estate consisted of a boutique of clothing, furniture, instruments, clothing, jewelry, and money in bank accounts.

Although the amount mentioned above would seem very little today, over the years its image has generated profits. In this way, the fortune of the artist that her family manages today is around $ 25 million, according to The Richest.

Chris Pérez decided that Abraham Quintanilla, the artist’s father, would be the executor of his wife’s entire fortune. He gave him the rights to the name, voice, photographs and life story of the singer.

However, in March 2012, Pérez published a book titled To Selena, With Love, where he states that the document for Selena’s father to be the executor was signed under duress. There, the singer’s widower indicates that his father-in-law had taken advantage of the vulnerable situation he was going through after the death of his wife. Abraham Quintanilla sued him. (I)


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