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Michael Bloomberg is positioned to eventually enter the presidential race of 2020. The magnate's plan is to collect enough signatures in Alabama to register for the Democratic primary, before the deadline expires. That would leave the door open to the former mayor of New York to dive into the campaign later and stand before Donald Trump if he wins the nomination. Although at the moment it seems more a warning to the Democrats, that one year after the election they are divided.

Bloomberg's last-minute maneuver was advanced by The New York Times, citing sources close to the businessman and philanthropist. The 77-year-old New Yorker had already tried in previous election cycles to run for president but never came to run. Earlier this year, however, he said he had no intention of running for elections because of the competition in the Democratic Party.


Howard Wolfson, his principal advisor, issued a statement a few minutes explaining that Michael Bloomberg believes that Donald Trump represents "an unprecedented threat." Remember that already in the 2016 Democratic Convention warned of the danger that the Republican supposed to reach the White House. Likewise, he refers to the funds he mobilized in the legislatures to recover the majority in Congress and recently in Virginia.

"Now we need to finish the job and make sure Trump is defeated," says Wolfson, while making sure he doesn't see the current "well-positioned" Democratic candidates to get it right now. "If Mike is running," he continues, "I would offer a new option to the Democrats." He cites his management as mayor of New York, his facet of entrepreneur and his actions in the field of philanthropy.

The Bloomberg adviser concludes by highlighting his leadership capacity and "uniting people and driving change." "Mike will be able to face Trump and win," he says. The maneuver, in any case, does not necessarily mean that it will launch a campaign, according to sources cited by the NBC network. It would be rather, they point out, to keep the options open.

Touch the Democrats

"He is not sure yet," these sources insist, while reiterating that Bloomberg is very concerned about what he is seeing also in the field of Democrats. Although the businessman had ruled out the option to run for presidential elections, in recent weeks he speculated again with this possibility in view of the fact that former Vice President Joe Biden, considered the most moderate option of the Democrats, was losing ground in front of the senator. Progressive Elizabeth Warren.

Michael Bloomberg played in the past the political ballot as a Democrat, Republican and independent. Its weak point is to be too capitalist for the progressive wing among liberals and too progressive among conservatives. If the presidential ones dispute in the vote of center, it would have options. In a recent interview with EL PAIS he regretted that the two parties did not weave relationships.

Elizabeth Warren has just presented a plan to raise taxes on the rich and thus finance the expansion of the health care program. Joe Biden leads the senator for Massachusetts by only eight points on average in the polls. The third is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who defines himself as a democratic socialist. It also highlights, although lagging behind, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Alabama is one of the states, along with California and Texas, in which there are primary Democrats scheduled for the first Tuesday in March. Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the four states where candidates are tested, celebrate the primaries in February. Bloomberg spent 110 million of his fortune to support Democratic candidates in the legislative elections of November 2018, in which they regained control of the House of Representatives.

He also supported initiatives to regulate the possession of weapons. He is in favor of abortion, finances tobacco campaigns against his own pocket and is very active in the field of the fight against climate change. Michael Bloomberg has an estimated fortune of $ 52 billion for Forbes magazine. It is the ninth in the list of world billionaires and the eighth among the 400 largest fortunes in the United States.



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