The Moment When Four Leaders Laugh At Donald Trump At The NATO Summit

The leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, France and the Netherlands were captured laughing apparently at the US president, Donald Trump, for his long appearances before the press at the NATO summit.

The images, filmed by cameras at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night, could shake the Allies meeting in Watford on the outskirts of London on Wednesday. While the name of the Republican leader is never mentioned, the circumstances and content leave no doubt that it is the subject of conversation.

In them, you can listen to the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asking the French President, Emmanuel Macron: "Is that why you were late?" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intervenes: "He was late because his press conference lasted 40 minutes."


At the beginning of Tuesday, the bilateral meeting between Macron and Trump was preceded by a long attention to the media, in which leaders publicly showed their disagreements about NATO's strategy and trade.

In the video, Macron seems to tell an anecdote about the meeting, before the eyes of Princess Ana and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, but the Frenchman turns his back on the camera and his words are inaudible. However, they seem to continue talking about Trump, as Rutte intervened with a "fake news?" Before letting out a laugh.

"Oh, yes, yes, he announced …", says a mocking Trudeau, after the intervention of Princess Ana (daughter of Queen Elizabeth), also inaudible, and added: "I just saw how his team is speechless" .

Finally, Johnson and Trudeau seem to talk about the headquarters of the G-7 for next year, when the US will be the host, and that raised controversy why Trump wanted to do it at one of their properties. Given the criticism, the place was changed, but the leaders remembered the matter with a smile. "It's the Doral, Doral, yes, in Miami," said the Canadian premier.

As at last year's NATO meeting, Trump has rejected the summit protocol and used his public appearances with allies to answer dozens of questions from journalists. In addition, the Republican described as "insulting" Macron's criticism of NATO brain death, charged again against "delinquent" European countries for not spending enough and against the investigation in the face of a political trial in his country.

The relationship between Washington and Paris does not go through a good moment, with the White House threats to impose millionaire tariffs on Gaul products in retaliation for a digital tax that affects several US companies. Tuesday's meeting between the leaders did not limit the roughness. On the contrary, these continued.

During the bilateral conference, Trump tried to make a joke and with a smile, he told Macron: Would you like some good guerrillas from the Islamic State? You can choose the ones you want. "Macron, with a grim gesture, replied:" Let's get serious. "Then he drew up an argument about the state of the ISIS detainees and the fight against the jihadist group. Trump, who immediately lost his smile , he did not overlook the "snub" to his joke and threw: "That's why (Macron) is a great politician, because this is one of the best non-answers I've heard."

After the second day of the summit, which should end with a common statement to reiterate the unity of the allies, Trump must give another press conference, this time alone.

(With information from AFP)



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