The Moral Turpitude Of Donald Trump Knows No Bounds

The Moral Turpitude Of Donald Trump Knows No Bounds

While the US Justice seeks new elements with which to accuse former President Donald Trump of having tried to subvert the Constitution, the Republican politician gives new evidence of his moral turpitude every day.

In a recent address to fellow fans in the small Texas town of Robstein, Trump floated the idea of ​​jailing journalists and exposing them to possible sexual violations who refuse to reveal their sources.

Although it is not something that can be prosecuted in that country except in very special circumstances, there are several States of the Union in which this right is not sufficiently protected by law.


Trump was referring specifically on that occasion to the leak to the press of a draft law of the Supreme Court of the United States that advocated the suppression of the right to abortion, something that finally happened.

To the laughter of the audience that listened enthusiastically, Trump said that what should be done in such cases is to threaten the author of the article and the editor of the newspaper with sending them to jail.

It would be seen how, faced with the danger of being raped there once inside by other inmates hungry for sex, the journalists would end up singing, Trump said.

But if the former president has condemned leaks to the press whenever they harmed him, he has not hesitated to praise them when, on the contrary, they harmed one of his political rivals.

On several occasions, Trump, who is threatening to run in the next presidential election to get even for his never-acknowledged defeat against Joe Biden, has repeatedly described the press and journalists as “enemies of the people.”

For the former president, who continues to have immense influence over his party, the coverage that he himself was subjected to while in the White House by some US media is not only a “lie” but also “a betrayal.”

It should be known that treason is punishable in the United States with a minimum sentence of five years in prison and fines of no less than $10,000, and that it also prohibits the person who commits it from holding any public office in the future.

According to Trump, the media in his country is systematically dedicated to combating “a phrase as magnificent as Make America Great Again” (Let’s make America strong again!), his continuously repeated and successful campaign slogan.

Trump has never hidden his weakness for strong and brutal men such as the almighty Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, the Russian Vladimir Putin, the North Korean Kim Jong-un, the Egyptian Abdelfatah El-Sisi, the Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan or the former president Filipino Rodrigo Duterte.



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