The Mossos Are Investigating The Aggression Of Three Young Men Against a Homeless Man Who Has Been Doused With Gasoline In Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating the aggression suffered by a homeless person in Barcelona this morning when strangers sprayed him with gasoline while he was sleeping at the door of the Sant Pau Social Gym, in the Raval neighborhood. The Gymnasium has denounced that three young people “with neo-Nazi aesthetics” have doused a homeless user of the cooperative with gasoline who slept at the door of the establishment.

As Ernest Morera, member of the cooperative, explained to the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN), the equipment security guard arrived early to work and shortly after eight in the morning he saw three young people spray with a liquid to the user. The watchman immediately got out of the car to stop them and the youths ran away. When helping the homeless man, the employee was able to see that the liquid with which they had sprayed him was gasoline.


Then the gym has notified the Barcelona Urban Guard, but has not been able to locate the young people. For now, the body has opened information proceedings to send to the judge. In parallel, the Mossos have contacted the gym and have opened an investigation. The gym has accompanied the victim to present a complaint to the Mossos this morning so that security cameras can be reviewed and try to identify the perpetrators of the attack.



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