The Mossos Investigate a Funeral With 700 People In a Mosque In Tarragona On New Year’s Eve

The Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating a funeral held in a Tarragona mosque that has gathered around 700 people and in which the security measures decreed due to the coronavirus pandemic have not been respected.

Mossos sources have explained that the event took place this Friday, New Year’s Day, in the Entrevies mosque in Tarragona, and that they were alerted to the case by the residents of the area when they saw the crowd that gathered before the religious center , EFE reports.


When the agents appeared in the area, they found that outside the mosque there were between 300 and 350 people praying on its corresponding carpet, while inside the center there were another 350 faithful when the maximum capacity allowed in it is 160 .

The Mossos are investigating the case of this funeral to process the corresponding complaint for not complying with the required safety distance due to COVID-19, lack of ventilation inside the mosque and excess capacity.

The agents, for the moment, have been in contact with the imam of the mosque, the president of the same and a relative of the deceased to know the circumstances of the event. The current sanitary restrictions in Catalonia establish that religious services can be celebrated with 30% of the capacity of the temples.



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