The Most Dangerous Airlines In The World In 2019

For Time / GDA

10/10/2019 | 01: 39 p.m.

The prestigious flight statistics page Airline Ratings recently published the list of the most dangerous airlines in the world.


The classification was based on the number of deaths in air accidents in the last 10 years, the blacklists of the countries, the safety data of the airlines themselves and information provided by the Safety Audit of the International Air Transport Association (IOSA).

Know the list below:

1. Tara Air

Of seven stars, this airline added only one. The Nepal-based company registered the highest number of fatal accidents between 2010 and 2011. The most recent incident occurred in 2016, when a 9N-AHH plane crashed in a mountainous area, near the city of Pokhara. All of its passengers and crew lost their lives (23 people).

According to Airline Ratings, the airlines of Nepal occupy the first positions of the list, because although it is not a justification, they have the task of crossing a difficult mountainous territory.

2. Nepal Airlines

The company, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been flying since 1958 under the name of Royal Nepal Airlines. His safety record is not the best: he has only one star and is banned from flying in the European Union because of the number of incidents he accumulates. In the last eight years, the airline has presented nine fatal accidents, including one in 2014 that left 18 people dead.

3. Ariana Afghan Airlines

It is one of the smallest airlines in Afghanistan, as its current fleet consists of only five planes. Despite this, he has presented seven fatal accidents in his history. It is prohibited in the European Union.

4. Blue Wing Airlines

The airline, which occupies the fourth place in the list, is based in Suriname, located in South America. His record has been stained by the loss of three Antonov An-28 aircraft in a period of three years. Perhaps the most remembered accident of this company is the one that occurred in December 2012, when a plane got off the runway, broke into three and caught fire, leaving five dead. Blue Wing Airlines is prohibited from flying in European space.

5. Kam Air

This airline, based in Afghanistan, is on the list of banned airlines in the United States. When he tried to fly in the European Union, in 2010, he was also denied permission to present several incidents, one of them fatal, and a bomb threat. Kam Air's worst accident occurred in August 2005, when a plane crashed near the Kabul city airport. 104 passengers died.

6. Trigana Air Service

The airline, which originates in Indonesia, has a history of 10 hull losses (accident that damages the aircraft without the possibility of repair) and 14 accidents since its creation in 1991. The most recent incident occurred in 2016, when an ATR 42-300, with 54 passengers, collided on the island of Papua New Guinea. Trigana is prohibited from flying in the European Union and the United States because of its poor safety.

7. SCAT Airlines

This airline, based in Kazakhstan, occupies the last place in the list. Compared to the others, it has a 'good' safety record. He has not suffered a fatal accident since 2013, the year in which a Bombardier CRJ-200 crashed just over a kilometer from the track, leaving 21 people dead. Although SCAT does not operate with an internationally recognized security audit certificate, the airline is making great improvements to be recognized and operate safely.