The Most Dangerous Foods That Raise Blood Pressure

Hypertension affects the functioning of virtually the entire organism and results in serious degenerative diseases. Lifestyle and food directly influence the control of this condition

Hypertension is a chronic disease that stands out for the increase in blood pressure, it is a condition that has serious health implications and is increasingly common in developed countries; It is considered one of the main causes of suffering cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Tension is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries, when it is pumped by the heart, although in most cases the exact cause of this alteration is unknown, the main factors include the following:


Due to an increase in blood volume, this is due to renal impairment and poor sodium regulation.
Due to a poor state of the arteries, it can be derived from the accumulation of calcium in the arterial walls.
Due to an alteration of vasodilation and vasoconstriction due to stress, stimulants or poor diet.

Hypertension is a high risk condition because it affects almost the entire organism, this is mainly due to the fact that blood pressure is the engine that provides oxygen and nutrients to all organs and this is done through the arteries. This condition deteriorates the arterial walls and mainly key organs such as the heart, kidneys, arteries and brain.

According to information revealed by the Heart Foundation, lifestyle and food play a key role in the control of hypertension. We present to you the list of the great enemies of arterial health:

Foods that raise blood pressure:
1. Foods high in sodium

Excessive consumption of salt and sodium-rich foods is the main enemy of arterial hypertension, this mineral is necessary in very small and controlled quantities however when the recommended amount is exceeded it tends to produce fluid retention and results in an increase of blood pressure. Avoid eating processed foods and foods, sausages, fast foods, salty snacks and excessive use of table salt in preparations. A good recommendation from experts is to opt for the consumption of fresh and seasonal foods, and choose to season with herbs and ingredients such as garlic and onion.

Sea salt. / Photo: Pexels2. High-fat foods

Excess calories is considered the second most lethal enemy of hypertension, this is because the foods that contain the most calories are fats and when consumed in excess they are directly associated with a greater presence of fatty or fatty tissue. Normally this is derived from an increase in abdominal fat, which acts as an endocrine organ through the production of substances called adipokines, responsible for increasing blood pressure. Avoid the consumption of animal fats, products such as butter, cream and whole dairy, fried foods, processed and fast. Replace this type of fats, with healthy fats such as nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocado and fatty fish, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

French fries / Photo: AP3. Purine rich foods

A high consumption of foods rich in purines is related to causing an imbalance in uric acid levels which is associated with a high rate of suffering from gout attacks and kidney stones, this results in an increased cardiovascular risk. Avoid eating foods of animal origin, as is the case with viscera, fatty meats, shellfish, among others. Try to limit your consumption of meats and increase the intake of fresh vegetables, legumes and cereals.

Meat stew. / Photo: Pxhere4. Alcoholic drinks

The relationship between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and blood pressure is direct, specialists point out that the higher the consumption of alcohol, the blood pressure rises more and more this is due to an elevation in the sympathetic vasopressor tone in the arterial system. If you suffer from hypertension avoid its consumption, opt for the intake of abundant natural fluids and infusions with medicinal properties.

Credit: Pxhere5. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks cause an increase in blood glucose levels and usually result in excess calories. Avoiding its consumption is one of the best tips to avoid spikes in blood pressure levels; Try to consume natural, non-industrial drinks.

Sugary drinks / Photo: Shutterstock