The Most Personal Side Of Mario Domm And Pablo Hurtado De Camila

The Most Personal Side Of Mario Domm And Pablo Hurtado De Camila

As rarely, musicians opened their hearts and shared with Whom their most important facet: being parents.

In a hotel in Paseo de la Reforma Mario Domm he asks his staff stop the following interview for a moment; he had to take a very important call, his son’s Anja that he wanted to make sure that the yo-yo that lent him was in perfect condition. The vocalist of Camila, through a video called, he taught him that he was perfect.


After making some luck with the toy and greeting her daughter Enya already Alejandra CalleroHis wife was ready to go. At the same time, Pablo Hurtado He also took the opportunity to talk to his firstborn Ariana and with your partner Romina Prado. Once the talks were over, they sat down to talk with Who.

The meeting was to invite the public to his concert 4 beats, next to Without flag, today in the Arena Mexico City; but it is inevitable, after seeing the touching scene, not to start the interview without asking them, how did fatherhood change his life? The first to respond is Mario.

Pablo He also talked about his change of priorities eight months ago: “It helps that Mario and I am at the same moment in our lives so that no one pushes us to go a m onth of tour without stopping; we work and plan based on not leaving home too many days to not neglect the family, we found the balance in recent years. “

At the beginning of the race they got to have up to 27 concerts in a month, but now they slowed down and sing to love from another perspective: “It has been comforting to see it in ‘other balconies’ and shape it like this. Into, which we just released, it was very familiar, they suggested we do something more urban, (but not) and we ended up with the most intimate album of the race, “he said Domm.

Mario He accepted that they have always respected the way in which inspiration comes to them and “the family and children have undoubtedly been important in the way of saying things now.” Hurtado He added that his fatherhood made him “question my life, my decisions, how I could improve, I try to be the best example for my daughter, because I think she learns by imitating what she sees.”

Already in confidence, Mario Y Pablo, even with humor, they told this media how it was that moment in which they were revealed to be parents: “Luckily they were our wives (laughs), because if not, they would have hung us … It was very nice, they were very wanted babies, before ‘you put the tip’ and you already got someone pregnant, but right now you battle.