The Moving Gift Kobe Bryant Gave To His Now Widow

Vanessa Bryant revealed that her husband gave her the dress and notebook of the movie ‘Diary of a passion’.

During the touching tribute that was made to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna On Monday, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, many intimacies of his family were exposed.


In his shocking speech Vanessa Bryant, widow of the former NBA player, shared that her husband gave her the famous blue dress she wore Rachel McAdams in the romantic movie Diary of a passion who starred next to Ryan Gosgling.

“When I asked him why he had chosen the dress (from the movie), he told me it was because in that scene Allie (Rachel McAdams) returned to Noah (Ryan Gosgling) “he explained Vanessa regarding the gift of his ex-husband, inspired by the plot of the film that premiered in 2004.

“We hoped to grow old together, like in the movie. We really had an incredible story. We loved each other with our whole being,” he continued in a broken voice. “Two perfectly imperfect people who were forming a beautiful family and raising our sweet and amazing girls,” he said.

Vanessa highlighted the qualities of his “
“soul mate”, as he described the former player of the Lakers from Los Angeles and NBA pentacampeĂłn: “He had a very tender heart.”

The tribute to Kobe Bryant And your daughter Gigi He gathered about 20,000 people, including sports figures, shows and the business world that came together with the former player’s family: his widow and the three daughters who survive him Natalie 17 years old, Bianka dee three and Capri seven months

Among the attendees the presence of the singer stood out Jennifer Lopez, accompanied by his fiance Alex Rodriguez; Shaquille O’Neall, Magic Johnson, Y Michael Jordan, friends and colleagues of Kobe, who could not hide their sadness at his sudden death.

Another shocking moment was when Beyoncé was captured on video comforting Vanessa Bryant after going on stage.