The MWC Adds New Restrictions To The Coronavirus

The MWC 2020 will be held in Barcelona between February 24 and 27, although many companies have decided not to attend the spread of the coronavirus.
                                                Two weeks after one of the most important technology events in the world, MWC 2020, has begun, its organizers have applied strong restrictions to reduce the risk of contagion of the coronavirus and prevent the exhibiting brands from continuing to cancel their assistance. entity responsible for organizing the Barcelona mobile fair, announced on February 9, in a statement, new additional measures for those who plan to attend the event that will take place in Barcelona between February 24 and 27. The first measure announced is that access to those attendees traveling from the Chinese province of Hubai, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, will be prohibited. People who come from this territory will not be able to access either the Fira venue (where the congress is held) or the rest of the satellite events that are organized in Barcelona those days on the occasion of the fair such as the startups meeting, 4FYN.

GSMA has announced that there will be temperature controls at the entrances to the site and attendees must demonstrate that they have not been in contact with people who are or have been infected by the coronavirus, although it does not specify how they should do so. Nor can those people who have been in China less than 14 days before the event begin.Amazon and Sony are withdrawn.The GSMA reinforcement measures arrive just after a wave of companies that have announced their withdrawal from the event to concerns about the outbreak of the virus, which has claimed the lives of more than 800 people since its existence was known at the end of December. LG, Ericsson, Asus and Nvidia announced that they will not attend the event as a preventive measure and they have joined two other important companies: Amazon and Sony. Amazon announced in a statement on February 9 that it is withdrawing from the Mobile World Congress due to concerns about the possible spread of the coronavirus. Sony, on the other hand, also said in a statement that it will not participate in the event and that it will broadcast its press conference scheduled for February 24 through video streaming. Despite the lows, the GSMA ensures that the event continues and remember in your statement that there are more than 2,800 companies that will be participating in the fair.
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