The National Action Party Of Mexico Dismisses The Organizer Of The Meeting With Vox

The National Action Party of Mexico (PAN) has removed Christian Camacho, who is credited with convincing Senator Julen Rementeria to meet with Vox leader Santiago Abascal, according to local media. Camacho, who until now was responsible for the social networks of the PAN parliamentary group in the Mexican Senate, has confirmed his dismissal on Twitter: “Life, freedom, family, homeland, private property and democracy are defended by the Whatever the price. One should never regret doing the right thing. “

At the meeting, which took place last Thursday, Mexican PAN legislators signed the so-called Madrid Charter, supported by the leader of Vox, aimed at stopping the advance of “communism” in the nations of the “Iberosphere”.


The letter, shared on the social networks of “Senadores del PAN”, is promoted by the Fundación Disenso led by Abascal, which has regularly used the concept of “Iberosfera”. According to the far-right formation, it is “a community of free nations with more than 700 million people who share a cultural heritage and have great economic and political potential.”

The National Executive Committee of the conservative National Action Party assured last Friday that the act of several senators with the leader of the far-right Spanish party Vox, was “in a personal capacity” and affirmed that its main Spanish partner is the Popular Party (PP).

“We are a political party inspired by political humanism and that has always defended human rights, the rule of law, public liberties, the separation of powers and representative democracy,” the PAN explained in a statement.

In this sense, he said that these “values” are today “threatened” by the Mexican government, which “aspires to build an authoritarian regime.”

“National Action defends these principles also in the international arena. In Spain our institutional partner is the Popular Party, we are both part of the Central Democratic International (IDC),” he said.

Regarding the meeting last Thursday, which has caused much controversy in Mexico, they explained that the meeting that “some PAN senators held with representatives of another party was in a personal capacity, in use of their freedom.”

However, the meeting with Abascal was broadcast through the official communication channels of the PAN bench in the Senate.

“We regret the wrong interpretations that could have been made to this event in which no political agreement was signed, but rather a text that manifested the individual willingness to work in defense of the rule of law, the rule of law or the separation of powers “, among others.

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, gave his opinion last Friday harshly about this meeting. “Until yesterday some extremists came from Spain, from Vox. They joined with the PAN, because they are the same. Nothing more than simulated those from the PAN and others who were democrats. And no, they are conservatives and ultraconservatives, almost fascists,” said the president in his morning conference. This prompted a response from Abascal: “No statement from those who embrace tyrants and protect drug traffickers is going to impede our cause in favor of freedom, rights and the prosperity of nations.”

Finally, this Monday the Mexican president affirmed that Mexico is a “free country” in which no one is “vetoed” and has left the door open for a new visit to Abascal’s country.

“Mexico is a free country. I also say this so that if Mr. de Vox, (Santiago) Abascal, wants to come again, he can do so. The doors of our country are open, they are always welcome. All foreigners, although are opponents, we have nothing to be ashamed of, “López Obrador stressed.



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