The NBA May Change Some City Matches Due To The Coronavirus

New York (USA), Mar 11 (EFE) .- Moving some games from the city, either to the rival’s headquarters or to neutral towns without an outbreak of coronavirus, are some of the measures that the NBA will study this Wednesday to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The NBA board of governors will hold a conference call to discuss the crisis. According to various league sources, it will be analyzed to move some parties to cities that have not yet suffered outbreaks. If the virus forces a team to leave their city for some time, the games would be moved to the rival’s field in case that city does not have cases of the disease. It is also planned that the games can be moved to neutral cities. The NBA will also study the possibility of avoiding the presence of fans on the playing fields or even suspending games for a certain period of time. A representative of each team will attend the conference call on Wednesday and it seems that the Press releases will continue on Thursday for team presidents and general managers, which means that they have not yet established a joint action to develop within the league. At the moment, the NBA is resisting becoming the first professional league in the United States. in vetoing the fans of the matches, said the same sources. Until last night the only measure taken had been to eliminate the presence of the media in the locker room and the league said it would be a temporary measure. (c) EFE Agency



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