The New Leagues Cup Only Serves To Further Strengthen The Mls And Give Revenue To The Mx League

The New Leagues Cup Only Serves To Further Strengthen The MLS And Give Revenue To The MX League

The new format of the Leagues Cup between the MX League and the MLS was released, but it is still not really surprising to be a serious tournament, because in the end, it will not be anything new for Mexican football because every year they constantly collide with the US teams in the CONCACAF Champions League, without really achieving an increase in the level, because once again they put other interests above. And why is it a gain for the long pants once again? Simple, because all the clashes will take place on North American soil, not one will be played on Aztec land even when there are only members of the MX League in the contest that will face eight against eight unlike the last contest where they were four and four remaining as champion Cruz Azul, although the election was made without being based on results. Much has been mentioned that the competition of the United States has surpassed the Mexican, however, that is not true, at least so far it is not a fact, for more Let several try to prove it. In the Concachampions it has been shown who is still bigger in that aspect of the game, since almost everyone who has gone to the Club World Cup comes from Mexico and on one occasion from Costa Rica, while Las Barras and Las Estrellas have not had a representative . A very different thing is that the MLS has a much more solid structure, a salary cap and is not full of corruption, that is, it has no cases like those with Veracruz, Jaguares or Lobos BUAP, therefore, the only ones benefited from This contest will be the United States teams, as it is their great opportunity to show that they can finally surpass Mexico, after doing it a few years ago at the selection level, but they still have pending clubs. In this way, American football players will be able to find out and raise their level, so that they can also give a bigger fight in the Concachampions against the Aztecs and the rest of the countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras or Jamaica, some that at the moment they seem to overcome them. The only thing that can be rescued for the MX League will be that finally those who have good campaigns can be rewarded in some way since the monarch of the Apertura 2019 (Monterrey) and Clausura 2020 will have their direct pass to the Leagues Cup, as well as the winner of the MX Cup and the other five clubs that have won the best numbers in the two championships; In addition to this, perhaps, it also serves to stop trusting that they have always been better, are or will be better, because they will have to face it seriously, although that looks quite difficult, even though the MLS will now send its owners unlike the previous edition due to calendar times. Surely, like several fans, who would have preferred the return to the Copa Libertadores, certain technicians will also cross out the Leagues Cup as a tournament without relevance, complaining about the transport between League, Cup and Concachampions or injuries that can be presented, as Miguel Herrera, Ricardo Ferretti, among others have expressed in past occasions, and finally, it may not excite most fans and experts, although it will be interesting to see the results of this second edition with a new format, having on one hand Philadelphia Union, Real Salt Lake, Minnesota United, Los Angeles Galaxy (with the appeal of Javier Hernández ), Toronto FC, DC United, Portland Timbers and New York Red Bulls against the best eight in the MX League, where if the logic is imposed, and the belief of still being above the northern neighbor, the latter must be carried again the trophy, with the ignorance of whether it will really have the desired follow-up. Yoshimar Yotún on the friction between Mexican and MLS teams with the fund of the “Leagues Cup” won by Cruz Azul. Source: Youtube Channel: LIGA BBVA MX

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