The New Man In The Life Of Donald Trump

Volodimir Zelenski replaced Vladimir Putin as the man of the scandal in the presidency of Donald Trump. The center of attention moved little, from Russia to Ukraine, from Moscow to Kiev. The problem is the same, the President of the United States allowed and promoted the intervention of a foreign president in the internal politics of his country. In both cases, he did so to obtain a personal political gain. Congressional investigations do not come from a witch hunt, but from a suspicion of undue foreign interference.

Zelenski is a phenomenon of young Ukrainian politics who had a dream career. He started on the small screen at age 17 and his fame was instantaneous. He has worked successfully in all aspects of film and television, but his move to politics came from the character of president who popularized in his television comedy Servidor del Pueblo. Zelenski, like Trump, masterfully manages the media. He obtained 73 percent of the votes when he was elected in April this year and maintains high levels of popularity.

Trump's impeachment is based on trying to extort Zelenski, withholding the sending of military aid that Congress had approved, until Ukraine publicly accused Joe Biden of violating the law in his country. He can do it because the Ukrainian armed forces depend on American support to confront Russian armament, which the separatist rebels of the Donbas have used since their insurrection in 2014. Putin, who annexed the Crimean peninsula by force that year, intends to take over another piece of the Ukrainian territory, using as an excuse the protection of Russian citizens in the conflict zone. The rebels would have succeeded, if it weren't for American help.


Military assistance began with Barack Obama and already amounts to $ 1.5 billion. Ukraine represents a retaining wall between Russia and Europe, both by land and by the Black Sea. In addition, it is the third largest grain exporter in the world, has a huge shale gas reserve and several gas pipelines to Europe pass through its territory.

The Ukrainian population is divided in their support for Russia or the European Union. Mass protests known as Euromaidan, removed in 2013 a president for revoking a trade agreement with the European Union. Zelenski, despite being a celebrity in Russia, for his box office films, leans towards Europe. That, of course, suits American geopolitical interests.

Trump put his personal political convenience before the country's interests. He pressed an ally to benefit electorally, risking alienating a valuable partner against Russia, his biggest rival in Europe. Zelenski points out that he longed to be famous, but not in that way. It is that his main concern as president is not to inspect Trump's political opponents, but the possible secession of Donbas and the loss of his sovereignty at the hands of Moscow. An American president focused on the interests of his country would know that.

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