The New Medicine That Will Corner Cancer

One of the best examples that not all cancers are the same and that personalized medicine is already a reality is childhood cancer, which has its own characteristics. Luckily, “the survival of children with cancer is over 80%,” says Fernández-Teijeiro. This figure has been achieved by advances in all areas of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy …), technological advances, forms of diagnosis and supportive treatment in pediatric oncohematology units ”.

If in most cancers prevention plays an essential role, in this case “external factors (tobacco, alcohol, diet, sun exposure …) have very little influence”. Therefore, several of the objectives of childhood cancer specialists go in other directions: “We have the challenge not only to cure, but to cure better. The treatment of a child with cancer involves long-term sequelae, whether for chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy … We must see how to continue to cure our patients with less toxicity, ”he says.

In this sense, the new drugs are going to take on a special importance: “The line of progress will be as the molecular knowledge of the different tumors is improved. The fact of being able to find some specific molecular marks that may be subject to therapeutic targets may allow specific and specific drugs for that molecular alteration ”.