The New Netflix Series That Has Aroused Controversy In The World. It Will Surprise You!

It is no secret that every original Netflix production seems to have the formula of success under the arm. So far, very few have been the series that have not caught viewers.

Now, the popular platform he bet on a novel series, which soon woke up all kinds of opinions, both positive and negative. Related News It is “Messiah”, a fiction released in the famous streaming on January 1, 2020, and which talks about the “new Jesus on earth.”

This series, of ten episodes, focuses on a mysterious man who claims to be “Messiah” and works miracles, who is investigated by a CIA agent.


This Netflix production was created by Australian actor, director and writer, Michael Petroni, and stars Michelle Monaghan and Mehdi Dehbi.

The strip has aroused controversy in some corners of the world, such as Jordan, where the Royal Film Commission requested that it be withdrawn from programming.

Also, with the hashtag #CanceloNetflix, through social networks thousands of religious fans have expressed their stance against the new series of famous streaming.