The New Selena Gomez Documentary On Netflix That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

Others who appear in “Living Undocumented” are two Colombian brothers, Pablo and Camilo, who arrived in the United States as political asylees; However, his father was deported in August, which has led the brothers to live in hiding.

About the documentary, Selena Gomez told several details as well as her own experience as a descendant of undocumented immigrants in Time magazine, where she also reflected (not to mention names) about how people live in these times when Trump is president.

When I read the headlines of the news or see the hate generated by immigration debates on social networks, I am afraid for my country – she says

Her father was already born in Texas, the same as Selena herself

I was born as a US citizen because they worked hard to get citizenship. (…) I will never forget how lucky I am to have been born in this country thanks to my family – explained the singer.

To her this documentary is more than an acting gig is a chance to portray her life to many fans that might not be interested or never thought about how complex and life changing the immigration issue is.

In her instagram post she tries to portray the lives of immigrant children and how hard it is for them when they lose a family member to deportation.



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