The New Skyliner Cable Car From Disney World Stagnated And Left Passengers Stranded In The Air For Hours

(WAB NEWS) – Walt Disney World lost some of its magic on Saturday night, when some visitors were stranded in the new Skyliner cable car in the theme park.

One of Skyliner's three routes "experienced unexpected downtime," Disney said in a statement, according to WKMG, a CNN affiliate. The cable car takes visitors between hotels and parks.

Passengers told CNN on Sunday that they were hanged for about three hours.


Emmie Palmer said she and a friend were stranded about three stories high along with three other women in a cabin.

The affected line was traveling between Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Epcot, Palmer said.

The fire department arrived about 45 minutes after the trip stopped, Palmer said, but it took hours for her and her friend to be evacuated.

Courtney Cole, who was stranded with her boyfriend and six other people in another cabin, said passengers were told that there were emergency kits under the seats with water and first aid supplies.

Cole said she and her boyfriend, Aaron Murray, saw that they were taking a woman out on a stretcher.

"Evacuating two people at the same time from the Disney World Skyliner … it could be very slow with 10 capacity cabins," Murray tweeted along with photos of rescuers working.

Cole said the incident will not prevent him from returning to Disney and riding the Skyliner again.

"Disney handled the situation well, given the circumstances," Cole said. "Accidents happen … I don't blame anyone."

There were no reports of injuries, according to WKMG.

The Skyliner opened to the public on September 29. It will remain closed "while we analyze the details surrounding this downtime," Disney said, according to WKMG.

Passengers who were stranded were compensated with free park tickets and gift cards, Palmer and Cole said.