The New Son-in-law Of Donald Trump: Between The Excesses Of His Fortune And International Politics

Cosmopolitan, young and multimillionaire, the twenty-year-old Michael Charbel Boulos embodies the dream of success in that parallel world that exists in social networks called the Rich Kids Of The Internet. His courtship with Tiffany Ariana Trump, the youngest daughter of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, the result of his second marriage, made him a celebrity. With roots in a Christian village in northern Lebanon of just 4000 inhabitants, Boulos belongs to the Lebanese jet set, which is characterized by bulky bank accounts in Switzerland and multiple passports in your pocket. He was born 22 years ago in Texas although he grew up in Nigeria with his two sisters, Oriane and Sophie, and his brother Fares who, under the stage name of Farastafari, publishes rap videos on his YouTube channel. Boulos studies finance in London, so he is expected to be the one who relieves his father, magnate Massad Boulos, at the head of the family business Boulos Enterprises and SCOA Nigeria.

Two weeks ago, both Boulos revolutionized social networks causing an avalanche of tens of thousands of messages. On Instagram, he denied his wedding commitment to the youngest daughter of the president. “I want to wish you all a happy new year! For your information, the letter / invitation that was released the last two days is false, it is a complete invention, ”he wrote in reference to an alleged wedding invitation that circulated on the networks announcing his nuptial commitment to Tiffany for January 11 in Palm Beach

The denial came after the couple published in their respective Instagram accounts, on Christmas Day, an image in the White House in which they appear with his parents and Trump and his third wife, Melania. His Arab origin, coupled with the foreign policy of the Trump Administration in the Middle East, earned him a strange mix of comments on his Instagram account between cloying wedding congratulations with little hearts and death threats in revenge for the death of the Iranian general. Trump's excesses towards immigrants and the conversion of his eldest daughter Ivanka to orthodox Judaism are a controversial combo for young Boulos. Ivanka and her husband, businessman Jared Kushner, defenders of the most conservative Israeli sectors, are considered Trump's privileged advisors.


Apparently oblivious to family geopolitics, Trump's son-in-law published in June a photo with the president and Tiffany accompanied by a congratulatory message: “Happy birthday, sir. Keep making the United States great. ” Precisely, Tiffany and Boulos celebrated their first year of courtship and did so by hitting snapshots on the networks. The couple met in Greece in 2018 at the Lindsay Lohan club, on the island of Mykonos. Since then, they maintain a distance relationship: he studies in the British capital, she, in Washington where he is a third in law at Georgetown University. The young woman has half a dozen accounts on social networks, including a fan page on Facebook. It is defined as "American Internet personality and model," as well as "daughter of the president of the United States, Donald Trump."

Michael Boulos thus joins the constellation of luxury stars that exported the Lebanese diaspora. In his case for this romance not only in the oriental style of the thousand and one nights, but of the western luxury puppies. Rumors of an impending wedding jumped after the young woman published a photo where she appears in a jewelry store, smiling, with a diamond bracelet Boulos had given her, next to her in the picture. The price was revealed later by the seller: 600,000 euros. There was no purchase of an engagement ring, as the Lebanese MTV network initially leaked, which unleashed comments, speculation and congratulations on Lebanon's large social networks.

With 4.5 million inhabitants, the country of the cedars is proud of the children who made a fortune in the world. Among her favorites is the lawyer Amal Ramzi Alam Uddin, who today bears the name of her husband, actor George Clooney. Last week, businessman Carlos Ghosn was received as a hero in Lebanon after starring in a cinematic escape from Japanese justice, where he is accused of embezzling funds.

In the Lebanese town of Btaaboura, not far from that of the Boulos family, the 300 neighbors are proud of Michel Temer, who was accused of corruption after becoming the president of Brazil in 2016. Children of Lebanese immigration were also other presidents Latin Americans like Abdalá Bucaram or Jamil Mahuad in Ecuador, Jacobo Majluta in the Dominican Republic or Julio César Turbay of Colombia.

In Lebanon, prestige, body worship and ostentation are national sports. Today the glamor bubble that represents the 5000 families that in Lebanon monopolize more than 60% of the national wealth is about to explode. The vast majority of young Lebanese people pursue a foreign passport to be able to emigrate and make a fortune abroad. The streets of the country live their 85th day of protests of the population fed up with institutional corruption and demand the blockade of the political-economic elite that governs the country.



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