The New Video Shows a Picket Using The Words Of Homosexuality

Sao Paulo (AP) — More Brazilian media videos show former F1 champion Nelson Pique using homosexual words and more racist slurs about Lewis Hamilton.

The Grande Premio website released a video on Thursday night. This was recorded last year and shows Pique speaking in Portuguese. A 69-year-old former Brazilian driver, in gay language, states that the Britons were not focused on challenging Mercedes. Teammate Nico Rosberg in the 2016 title won by the Germans. There was also a fourth case of a racial slur involving the black Hamilton.


Pique has already been widely criticized by F1, drivers, teams, and the governing body, the FIA, for the previous insults revealed this week.

In a podcast last November, Pique discussed the clash between Hamilton and Max Verstappen at last year’s Birmingham Grand Prix. Pique called Hamilton “Neginho” in Portuguese. This means “little black”. This term is not necessarily a racist slur in Brazil, but it is an increasingly unpleasant expression, and your wording can emphasize it.

Pique apologized to Hamilton on Wednesday, saying the term was “misunderstood” but not intended to be offensive. He added that “neguinho” can be used as a clitic for “the general public.” But his wording in that part of the video was undoubtedly that he picked Hamilton as a “neginho” and added a homosexual slur to it.

A Pique spokesman did not comment on the video released late Thursday at the request of the Associated Press.

There was no immediate response to the Grand Prix image from Hamilton or Verstappen.

Pique was suspended on Thursday as an honorary member of the British Racing Drivers Club, which owns and operates the Silverstone Circuit, the venue for this week’s Grand Prix.

Hamilton called for a change in “archaism.” After former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone defended Pique on British television, Hamilton wondered why “old voice” was so important in F1.

Championship leader Verstappen, who is associated with Piquet’s daughter Kelly Piquet, said Thursday that Piquet used the term “very, very unpleasant” to describe Hamilton, but he said Piquet was racial. I don’t think I’m a racist.

1981, 1983 and 1987 F1 champions Pique broke up Brazilian F1 fans by continuing to look down on his compatriot Eighton Senna and questioning his sexuality without evidence.

Hamilton’s hero, Senna, died in a crash at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Still, Pique recently mentioned homosexuality to Senna in an interview in 2020.

Pique also offended F1 fans about his firm support for the far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Pique supporters have stated on social media that Pique’s recent video has become viral as part of a political accusation campaign against the president.


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