The Nightmare Behind The Movie ‘One, Two, Three … Splash!’

In addition to the famous Michael Jackson Thriller, the appearance of the walkman and the XXL shoulder pads of the jerseys, if there is something we will remember the 80’s is for romantic comedies such as One, two, three … Splash!, The one with which Ron Howard launched Tom Hanks to fame. This year marks no less than 36 years since the premiere of this family film that tells the romance between a human and Madison, that beautiful mermaid starring actress Daryl Hannah. Although it is incredible, the adventures and misdeeds of the mythical film led her to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. However, behind the laughter and comic moments, there is a little known and less funny story than we imagine. At least that’s what its protagonists tell it. Daryl Hanna in the movie One, two, three … Splash! (© 1984 Buena Vista) More As often happens, nothing is as it seems. Yes, it is true that many families called their newborns Madison and that the blockbuster was brutal exceeding 70 million euros (a figure not negligible at the time) but, at what price? That they ask Daryl and Tom who were responsible for suffering the consequences of a shoot full of challenges and time limits. Let’s start with the mermaid costume. Needless to say, his protagonist felt like a glove because of his spectacular figure but getting there was a Chinese torture. According to Hannah herself, being made a little mermaid meant eight hours of preparation. It was not to put on the costume and now, it turns out that the little suit in question was made of latex and the scales and other details of the tail were painted by hand. “It was a learning process not only to get him to wear it and make it look good, but to achieve the balance to keep it underwater but without sinking,” he explained to the Empire publication, not to mention the Greek tragedy that was supposed to get him Want to go do your needs. “If I had to go to the bathroom that ruined the whole day of filming because it involved taking it off and putting it back on,” recalls the 59-year-old actress. It was such a long and exhausting process that it was almost better to endure. And the same to eat. Daryl preferred to have lunch with his suit on and on the beach than to go through the ordeal of undressing. “I preferred to stay in the water or the pool. When I was outside it was impossible for me to move, I was still where the crane would leave me, I was at the expense of everyone ”, recalls those moments behind the camera. Less bad that Tom, that 28-year-old girl It was released on the big screen with this title. Before he had participated in another comedy, Bachelor Party, a film that passed without grief or glory in which critics say that the only thing striking was he by his grace and salt shaker. His sense of humor and self-confidence already pointed ways. Daryl still remembers the chivalrous gesture of his exceptional companion in these moments of crisis with the damn mermaid’s tail. “He was approaching and putting a potato chip in my mouth,” he said with laughter to the same publication. Now he laughs but then he almost cried from impotence. Not even being in a paradise like the Bahamas, where the curious story was filmed, relieved the tension, a situation that also splashed the winner of two statuettes by Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Tom suffered in his own flesh the terrible consequences of falling in love, even in fiction, with a mermaid. For those who saw the movie, they probably remember it, for those who didn’t, we told them that there was a screw kiss under the water. Although the final result was to frame, doing well was a real nightmare for both. “It looks good but it was super hard to carry out. You must take into account oxygen problems and also do not want to see the bubbles coming out of your nose when you are kissing. The romanticism of underwater sex is overrated, ”Daryl joked and she knows what she is talking about. Read more For none it was a walk in the clouds. They still embroidered it and the scene was ten. It’s what you have to edit, you only see the good. What we did not see the spectators of this story in which actors such as Eugene Levy or Dody Goodman participated, is the visit of someone who was not invited. “Once we had a shark over there,” Daryl confessed. However exotic the place was and its waters crystalline, being in the middle of the Bermuda triangle had its risks. “I remember Ron instructing me to go down to the bottom and I think‘ there must be huge sharks here. ”Daryl Hanna and Tom Hanks in One, two, three … Splash! (© 1984 Buena Vista) More Being under the sea was our daily bread, so they had no choice but to learn to dive, something that cost Tom a world. “Diving for me was like climbing a mountain or practicing hang gliding, something you see on the sports channel on a boring Sunday afternoon,” said the director of the Merv Griffin Show at the time. “Jacques Cousteau dives, I swim in the pool,” he said with that sense of humor that accompanies him until today. The effort was worth it and thanks to the course he had to do today he is a certified diver. Despite the adventures and misadventures of its actors, the film was wonderfully welcomed by the spectators who filled the half-world halls. So much so that four years later he had a sequel, Splash again, with a totally different cast. On this occasion she did not have the approval of the public and went unnoticed. With the current fashion of the remakes of successful tapes of the 80s and 90s, the possibility of making a new version with this unforgettable story by Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell was considered. The actress came to tell Indie Wire that the script was ongoing and that in two years they expected to do it. “It is going to happen and I am very excited about it,” he said. While the project is afloat, we are left with the original that such good eighties memories bring us. The stars agreed to have Hannah and Hanks in the cast, and that the protagonist of Castaway was not the favorite candidate for the role of Allen. Luckily John Travolta, Michael Keaton and Bill Murray rejected him before, with all due respect to these greats on the scene, nothing would have been the same. More stories that may interest you: