The Nightmare That Does Not Let Donald Trump Sleep.

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The indomitable peoples of Cuba and Venezuela have become the nightmare that does not let the president of the United States sleep and all his caterva of politicians who live on the money that the ideological war against both countries brings them.

Cuba rebellious by nature and even more after 1959, is punished with an economic, commercial, financial and biological war to try to bend it, without achieving it.


Since arriving at the White House, Trump has embraced the old and unsuccessful anti-Cuban political policy wielded by the Miami terrorist mafia, to which Venezuelan refugees joined in Florida, waiting to see the Bolivarian Revolution fall, which like Cuba Resist the onslaught of similar wars.

By not obtaining the results promised by his anti-Cuban advisors and politicians, Trump approves nonsense measures and inhuman sanctions with the desire to kill the two peoples by starvation and disease, those that take away his sleep.

Against Venezuela they employ from the military coups, the kidnapping of President Hugo Chávez, the formation of an internal counterrevolution financed and trained by specialists in subversive issues of USAID and the NED, until the development of the stages conceived by the ideologist Gene Sharp, in its low intensity war, intending to repeat in Latin America the triumphs achieved in the so-called "Color Revolutions" and the "Arab Spring".

Faced with so many setbacks, they decided to apply more economic and financial sanctions, under the usual pretext that “Cuba is the one who supports the Venezuelan government” and this in turn, “maintains the economic stability of the Island for the oil it exchanges for Health services” .

Nonsense lies leave the Yankee president's sick mind every day, one of those 16,241 he has said since he occupied the Oval Room, according to The Washington Post.

If that newspaper says Trump says 14 lies, exaggerations or misleading statements daily, why give it as true that Cuba has an army of intelligence officers in Venezuela, or that Hezbollah networks supported by Iran, operate in Venezuelan territory, as he claimed the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on January 20 in Colombia?

It is all part of the same plan to demonize two countries that do not accept kneeling before Washington and now turn to terror to justify new sanctions to world public opinion.

In desperation, Pompeo summoned the puppet Juan Guaidó, to Colombia, to explain the next plans, before the resounding failure since he proclaimed himself president on a street in Caracas and more recently when several opposition factions decided to leave him without the charge of President of the National Assembly in contempt, something that broke the plans drawn up by the United States.

Dismayed by the lack of popular support that Guaidó has, together with the internal opposition division, Pompeo and the CIA specialists, they no longer know what else to do to overthrow Nicolás Maduro, that's why they convened the meeting on January 20, 2020, the meeting in Bogotá with several ministers of the region, ordering President Iván Duque to create the conditions, where they will conform the lie that “Venezuela has received from networks of the terrorist group Hezbollah”.

Proof of the confusion that the Yankees have before Maduro's resistance and, therefore, they intend to create the bases for a possible military intervention with support from the OAS, something identical to the one designed against Cuba in 1962.

Given the harsh reality that Colombia lives, where the Duque government murdered in 2010 120 social leaders of rural communities, to which another 20 joined in the first fifteen of this January 2020, Pompeo does not say a single word to condemn him, despite being a reality verified by the United Nations.

The UN says that the murders of human rights defenders in Colombia, increased by almost 50 percent compared to 2018, but that issue is not of interest to Washington because Duque is one of his most faithful lackeys and not a rebel like Maduro or the Cuban government.

The lack of care of the Yankees reaches such a point that they forced the Spanish Josep Borrell of the European Union to receive on January 22, the Puppet Guaidó as the "legitimate" president of Venezuela, something they also did with their unconditional ally of the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who received it on January 21, under the promise of a trade agreement, once they leave the European Union on January 31.

Mafia blackmail and threats are the foundations of the US foreign policy and that is how powerful countries and with an apparent independent policy are pressured by the Yankees, leaving no other opposition than to include the Puppet as a speaker, last minute , at the Davos World Economic Forum.

Then they define themselves as "democratic and free", when they are nothing more than a slave of subordinates to Yankee demands, in fear of being sanctioned with new tariffs on their exports.

Independent and sovereign are Cuba and Venezuela who have the courage to tell the truths to the face and the brave resistance to the constant sanctions imposed by the Yankees.

That is why they cannot stand the light that both peoples emanate, which dazzle the eyes of that poisonous snake that is the United States, a country that is a threat in this hemisphere by having dozens of military bases willing to invade and assassinate innocent civilians, as they have accomplished throughout the twentieth century.

Neither Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua invades other countries, they do not impose economic, commercial and financial wars on anyone, nor do they fund groups against elected governments in Latin America, unlike the United States that does not respect the dignity and rights of peoples, and they only work to destroy multilateralism in the world.

The Yankees, through their USAID organizations and the NED screens of the CIA, distribute millions of dollars annually to destabilize countries that have governments that are not acceptable to them, as they do against Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and others more, according to programs published on the official sites of both organizations, and recently affirmed by Elliott Abrams, a special Yankee agent to destabilize Venezuela.

If any government in the world dares to carry out similar actions to help the dispossessed in the United States and those of Latin and African origin, the invasion would not take a month and would be swept away from the earth, something that only the believed Yankees who are sent from God.

The government of Nicolás Maduro has demonstrated political maturity, wisdom and intelligence to face the provocations of the Puppet Guaidó and not fall into traps outlined by the Yankees.

Life has been responsible for crumbling the cardboard image created from Washington, exposing the 50 countries that under pressure recognized it a year ago, getting rid of the mud made in the USA, while Cuba and Venezuela display their sovereign flags with majority support popular.

Wise José Martí when affirming:

“When there are many men without decorum, there are always others who have in themselves the decorum of many men”



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