The ‘no Descent’ Is A Step Back In Mexican Football

The ‘No Descent’ Is a Step Back In Mexican Football

Once again, changes are planned for the League of Ascent, but on this occasion, the ascent / descent would be eliminated for 5 years, a terrible setback for Mexican soccer, as competitiveness will be lost. Don’t forget to also follow us on our Instagram account, 90min_en, and our Twitter account, @ 90minespanol! The MX League determined to pursue the MLS model: play without relegation. It seems like a terrible blow to the competitiveness and dreams of many football fans. Sad and unfortunate to where they intend to lead this football, gentlemen De Luisa and Bonilla …— David Faitelson (@Faitelson_ESPN) February 20, 2020 It is almost a fact that for the next five years the decline will be canceled, because the Assembly of Owners, as well as Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation and Enrique Bonilla, president of the MX League, would have already approved the proposal to make the Ascent MX the Silver Division, where teams and their players will have an age limit and a maximum of foreigners, with the aim of developing talents and stabilizing the fragile finances of several clubs. This decision is a setback for Mexican football, as competitiveness is lost, as well as the aspiration in the Second Division to transcend. In none of the best leagues in the world is played without relegation, in competitions such as the Premier League or LaLiga, which are the ones that should try to emulate the FMF, not the weak neighboring league, the MLS, where there is also no loss of category. The idea of ​​developing talent in Ascent MX is not bad, but there should still be an opportunity to ascend. What is a fact is that the Second Division has few teams that meet the requirements to reach First, however, eliminating this possibility is not the solution for a better football. If our selection cannot compete with the great powers, it is precisely because of these decisions that affect the competition of the domestic league.