The Operation By Match Football Matches Extends To The Italian League

Madrid, Dec 27 (EFE) .- The second phase of Operation Oikos against the match of football matches in the first, second and third Spanish division that culminated at the end of November with 14 detainees in Spain has uncovered connections with Italy, specifically with an illegal bookmaker and with attempts to manipulate Italian Serie A matches.

The General Directorate of the Spanish Police informs this Friday of the extension of this second phase of Operation Oikos that ended in May with the arrest of eleven people and abundant documentation seized at the headquarters of Huesca, such as several handwritten sheets that collected the operation for the conditioning of the result of Reus against Valladolid.

That information led to the opening of a second phase of Oikos – house in Greek – that ended in late November with 14 detainees, including several soccer players and others already arrested in May as the former president of Huesca Agustín Lasosa.


According to the investigators, the seized documentation detailed how on June 4, 2017, Huesca had paid Reus players to win against Valladolid, with the aim that Huesca could access a playoff place for promotion. to First Division.

Now, during these second phase investigations, agents have discovered that some of the detainees were connected to an illegal bookmaker in Italy, with clients of high purchasing power, including players of the first Italian league.

There have also been several attempts to fix series A matches after the start of an investigation by the Italian Police in collaboration with the anti-mafia prosecutor.

The investigation by the Italian authorities focused on a person of this nationality who was directly linked to the principal investigated in Operation Oikos.

The investigated Italian traveled frequently from Rome to Malaga to develop his criminal activity, which consisted of managing a game room in the Italian city of Tivoli that was closely related to an illegal bookmaker.

There, allegedly, top-level athletes made clandestine bets.

In the joint operation developed by the National Police and the central operational service of Rome of the Polizia di Stato, coordinated by EUROPOL, two records were carried out in Italy demonstrating the alleged participation of detainees in crimes of corruption between individuals, money laundering and unfair administration.

One of the registries practiced was in the main office of the Italian researched, where diverse documentation was found that relates directly to the principal investigated of the operation in Spain. EFE