The PAN In The CDMX Accuses Last Minute Change In The Planning Law

“We went to the notary to leave the testimony that two different opinions of the Planning Law were received on the same day, and what was agreed by the members of the united commissions is that it would be submitted to the analysis of the deputies, in agreement to the regulation and giving their respective 48 hours, the opinion that was distributed that day at approximately 9:30 in the morning, ”said Salido to the media.

"However, what we find today is that the opinion that is being uploaded to the Gazette for the approval of the plenary tomorrow is one that was delivered that same day in the afternoon," he added.

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The deputy noted what happened before the notary public 23 of Mexico City, Bernardo Fernández del Castillo.

Among the differences that exist in the new opinion, according to Salido, is the definition of the powers of the Planning Institute and that the condition of taking it as a sectorized body to the Executive Branch of the city is eliminated, although it is not defined who will be responsible .