The Patient With Cancer And Cardiovascular Disease

October is the month of raising awareness or raising awareness about cancer, but we must take into account that over the years and the multiple drugs that have improved the survival of this disease, cardiovascular diseases have tripled in the same way.

It is important to know that every person who has been diagnosed, treated for cancer with antineoplastic drugs, should receive a complete evaluation of their cardiovascular risk factors, up to 10 years after receiving such drugs or therapies, there is the possibility of damage to the heart, for What is recommended, make an evaluation before, during and after handling.

The possibility of arrhythmias, hypertension, heart failure, during use or after therapies that help to improve or eradicate cancer, is important, to take into account and perform cardiovascular prevention.


Cardiovascular diseases, their causes or predisposing factors will always be, such as obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, inheritance, Diabetes, so controlling these factors will undoubtedly reduce cardiovascular complications at the time of cancer treatment.

Antineoplastic therapies should be received, but always hand in hand with your Oncologist-Hematologist-Cardiologist, the multidisciplinary team and, if necessary, a nutritionist, psychiatrist, will lead you to successfully complete your therapies.

In this month, take advantage of not only the early detection of cancer, also visit your doctor to detect cardiovascular risk factors in time.

Collaborate with your body, with good health habits on time, that is to prevent!