The Pentagon Denies Donald Trump; Dispute With Tehran

In Toronto, dozens of people participated yesterday in a ceremony in homage to the 63 Canadian citizens who died in the Ukranian Airlines plane that was shot down last week.


The United States has no evidence that Iranian General Qasem Soleimani planned to attack four US embassies, United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper admitted.


Whereupon he refuted President Donald Trump's explanation to bring down the Middle East military last January 2 in Baghdad, Iraq.

"The president did not cite a specific test, and I have not seen any, as far as the four embassies are concerned," said Esper in an interview with the television program Face The Nation, of the CBS News news network.

However, the head of Defense said he agreed with the head of state on the probable theory that the Iranians were going to attack the embassies.

Meanwhile, the head of the Guardians of the Revolution, from Iran, Hossein Salami, appeared before the Parliament of his country.

This after the authorities admitted that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by mistake by an Iranian missile last week, in an incident in which 176 people died.

The president of Parliament, Ali Larijani, urged the commissions responsible for security and foreign policy to examine this "serious incident."

In addition, it demanded to propose actions that prevent this type of incident from occurring again.

Yesterday morning, President Trump posted a message in Persian on his Twitter account.

“Message to the leaders of Iran: Don't kill the protesters. Thousands have been killed or imprisoned and the world is watching. And more importantly, the United States is watching. Recover the internet and allow journalists to move freely. Stop killing the great people of Iran, ”he said.

In response, the spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi, stressed that hands and tongues stained with threats have no right to contaminate the ancient Persian language.

After the capture of the Washington embassy in Baghdad, Trump ordered the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Iran responded with 22 missiles against the Iraqi air base of Ain al Asad.

Another Iranian aggression

BAGHDAD.— At least eight rockets hit the Iraqi military base in Balad, where US soldiers are located, military sources in Iraq reported.

In the attack, about 80 kilometers from Baghdad, at least four Iraqi soldiers were injured, although most of the troops had already left the compound.

Iraqi army sources said the explosives fell on a takeoff and landing strip, an area of ​​little traffic.

For that reason, no severe damage was recorded among the elements that were inside the facilities.

According to a CNN chain report, the air base was attacked with Katyusha-type rockets, the same ones that were used in the attack last week.

On Saturday, hundreds of Iranians protested against the government, which admitted the demolition of the Ukrainian Airlines plane, in which 176 people died.

The missile launch, which caused the aircraft to fall, was in response to the murder of General Qasem Soleimani.



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