The Photo That Shows The Reality Of Being a Mom (zero Pink) By Ashley Graham

The model published an image that shows her baby changing her diaper in a supermarket aisle

While Ashley Graham he is happy with his recent motherhood (the little one Isaac Menelik Giovanni January was born), neither is he deceived and recognizes that not everything has been rosy.


In fact, this week, the model shared on her social networks a photo that shows the reality of her day to day in this new stage and made it clear that it is definitely not a fairy tale.

In the picture we see Ashley solving a “little accident” in a supermarket aisle: Isaac made the bathroom and the diaper was not enough. As the model told, The diaper burst and there was nowhere to change the baby. Fortunately, and as a good mom, he managed to solve the problem there, in everyone’s view.

“The honey has become real. The diaper burst without having a bath close to sight. Thank God that I remembered to bring the changing table in the diaper bag! ”, The model wrote about this new anecdote.

Previously, Ashley Graham He also shared in networks that after modeling the finest underwear he had ever imagined that disposable panties could be a great ally

“Let him raise his hand who did not know that he would also have to change his own diapers. After all these years in fashion, I would never have guessed that disposable underwear would be my favorite item, “he said.

“Nobody talks about recovery and healing (yes, even the messy parts) that new moms go through. I wanted to show you that not everything is rainbows and butterflies! ”, He continued in his post Ashley