The Police Believe That The Multiple Hit-and-run In Berlin Was Not a Terrorist Attack

The Berlin authorities have confirmed that the driver of the car that ran over a group of students and other passers-by in the capital on Wednesday, resulting in one fatality and more than thirty injuries, acted deliberately and that he was known to have problems of mental health.

The head of the Interior of the Berlin regional government, Iris Spranger, has reported that, according to current information, the 29-year-old man had suffered mental problems in the past. The latest information suggested that it was an outrage “by a mentally disabled person,” Spranger said. it’s a statement.


He also had a police record for aggressive behavior and violent crimes, but there is no record of “relevant data” that points to activities or links with anti-constitutional organizations.

The head of the Interior, of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), had already assured this Wednesday that the main thesis was that it was an intentional outrage, derived from the driver’s mental disorders, although other avenues of investigation have not been ruled out so far.

Berlin Police say in a statement that there are indications that “the murder may have been premeditated by a man who is presumed to be mentally ill.” “However, the investigation continues in all directions.”

Spranger has also insisted that no “confession” or letter announcing attacks was found in the car that caused the hit, contrary to what some media had reported.

In the car were found posters and writings related to Turkey that, according to Der Spiegel, were allusive to the genocide of the Armenian people. The man, who lives in Berlin, is of Armenian origin and nationalized German in 2015.

The mayor of Berlin, Franziska Giffey, has told RBB that police investigators are trying, with the help of a linguistic mediator, “to find out more from the partially confusing statements she is making.”

32 injured, 14 of them students

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has also condemned last night the “brutal attack” that occurred in a busy commercial area of ​​Berlin, whose fatal victim was a 51-year-old teacher who was visiting the capital with a group of 24 students from the state. of Hesse, 14 of whom suffered injuries of varying degrees, seven of them serious. The teacher’s partner was seriously injured.

Total 29 people were injured, between the teenagers of the school group and other passers-by. Six of them are in critical condition.

As a driver, he acted with a metallic gray Renault Clio, owned by his sister. According to the reconstruction of what happened, the man got on the sidewalk and launched his vehicle against several people, then returned to the road, traveled about 200 meters, and after a collision with another car, ended up crashing into the window of a perfumery. He got out of the car, was stopped by passers-by and shortly after detained by a police patrol.

The multiple outrage occurred in the vicinity of the Breitscheidplatz, the central square where the December 2016 attack took place against a popular Christmas market a few meters from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, in which a dozen people of various nationalities died.



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