The Police Sanction Eight Young People For Not Wearing a Mask By Catching Them Singing The ‘Face To The Sun’

The Local Police of Córdoba has administratively sanctioned eight young people after a verbal confrontation between clients of a bar located in the so-called Calle de La Plata (Victoriano Rivera street), whom they have caught singing the Francoist chant out loud and without a mask Face to sun, informs Cordópolis.

According to eyewitnesses, the events occurred in one of the bars on that street, when the establishment was close to closing time, at 6:00 p.m.


The witnesses present have reported that at that time a group of customers “who had obvious symptoms of drunkenness” began to sing loudly the famous hymn of the Spanish Falange, and has caused some verbal confrontations with passers-by.

Finally, the police presence has been required. The forces of order have verified that at least eight of these young people did not wear the mask, which contravenes Decree 21/2020. Said decree establishes fines of 100 euros for this sanction, which must be processed by the Provincial Delegation of Health of the Board.



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