The Political Trial Of Donald Trump, For Now, Is Undefined – 12/22/2019

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US lawmakers have gone on Christmas vacations without reaching an agreement on how the political trial against Donald Trump will develop in the Senate.

The Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, refused to dispatch the two approved articles in the lower house against the US president. The measure tries to pressure Republicans to agree to hear new testimonies in the case in January.

Senate President Republican Mitch McConnell has already ruled out this possibility and his party accuses Democrats of wanting to extend the process for lack of evidence. Pelosi extended on Friday the traditional invitation to the president to give his speech of the state of the Union to the chamber on February 4. With the date of the impeachment in the air there is the option that the two facts coincide.

Trump fully trusts that Republican senators will reject block charges of abuse of power and obstruction to Congress approved Wednesday in the House of Representatives. The Senate has a Republican majority and legislators have shown against impeachment, so far, without cracks.

Pelosi, the third authority in the United States, believes that for a fair trial to take place, it is necessary to listen to the testimony of authorities such as the chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, and former National Security Minister John Bolton. The Trump administration has refused to deliver 71 documents and the president has prevented 12 witnesses from testifying.

The president of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, Democrat Adam Schiff, sees more relevant access to documentation than listening to new testimonies. The vote in the Senate is scheduled for January.

Republicans want it to be as soon as possible, but if the disagreements continue or if the Democrats get them to present new witnesses, the impeachment process can be voted on in February.



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