The Pope Sneaks Into The Debate That Divides The EU And Calls For “innovative Solutions” To “selfishness” To Fight The Coronavirus

24 hours after Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa wondered about Dutch wishes to continue belonging to the eurozone and the European Union, Pope Francis has slipped into the debate on the EU’s response to the coronavirus crisis .


Francisco has read a easter message It comes four days after euro area finance ministers agreed on a half-trillion-euro response that nevertheless leaves the recovery plan to be defined, a debt bag to be resolved and the shadow of the troika.

Within this recovery plan to be defined, the EU is divided between those who bet on new tools adapted to this crisis – a recovery plan, debt mutualization, joint debt issuance … – and those who defend adapting existing instruments – the ESM or EU rescue fund; and the MFF or EU budget 2021-2027 – to respond to the current crisis.

In this debate, on the convenience or otherwise of Eurobonds and how to articulate a sort of Marshall plan, Pope Francis has stated this Sunday: “This is not the time for selfishness, because the challenge we face unites us all and we do not It stands for people. Among the many areas affected by the coronavirus, I especially think of Europe. After the Second World War, this continent was able to re-emerge thanks to a true spirit of solidarity that allowed it to overcome rivalries of the past. “

“It is very urgent,” said the pope, “especially in the current circumstances, that these rivalries do not regain strength, but that all recognize themselves as part of a single family and support each other. Today, the European Union is facing a historical challenge, on which not only your future, but that of the whole world will depend. That you do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate, once again, solidarity, even resorting to innovative solutions. It is the only alternative to the selfishness of private interests already the temptation to return to the past, with the risk of putting to the test the peaceful coexistence and the development of the next generations “.

Italian Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri hailed the pope’s message: “The reflection that the pope wanted to send to the European Union on Easter Day is more important than ever. His clear call for solidarity between states and the search for innovative solutions must be heard and accepted. Because our destiny is common. “

“This is not the time to continue making and selling weapons, spending large sums of money that could be used to care for people and save lives,” he said.



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