The Possible Revenge Of John Bolton Against Donald Trump

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John Bolton, former National Security adviser, would testify at the political trial against Donald Trump, after the House of Representatives cited him on November 7 to discuss pressures on the president of Ukraine.

In a power game like politics it is easy that there is always some loose end impossible to control. It is a fact that cannot be avoided by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who on November 7 can see how his former National Security Councilor, John Bolton, could declare in the political trial that would be held against him.


The House of Representatives would have cited him, as revealed by the New York Times, next week, through a petition for voluntary declaration. However, Bolton's lawyer, Charles Cooper, stated that his client "does not intend to appear voluntarily."

At the time Bolton is officially cited, everything seems to indicate that Cooper will repeat the same strategy he used when another of his clients, Charles Kupperman, deputy National Security advisor, was called to testify. On that occasion, the lawyer left in the hands of justice the decision of whether to go, since the White House forbade any statement.

Bolton would be the perfect witness for the Democrats, as he is a respected conservative, who was the head of National Security until September 10, when his relationship with Trump ended abruptly. In fact, the president said he had been fired, while Bolton said it was he who had left at his own will.

The relationship between Bolton and Trump was always marked by discrepancies in foreign policy. Oliver Contreras / EFE

This friction allegedly shares the same motive that caused the House of Representatives to initiate an 'impeachment' against Trump. It was the call of the president of the United States to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodímir Zelensky, on June 25, with the aim of forcing an investigation against Democrat Joe Biden, one of Trump's political rivals.

According to sources close to Bolton, the veteran foreign policy expert was deeply concerned about everything that was developing around Ukraine and tried to prevent Trump from pressing Ukraine to investigate Biden.

In addition, Bolton warned that Rudolph Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, was "a hand grenade that was going to make everyone explode."

What would a hypothetical statement of Bolton be like?

The great "bombing" of the 'impeachment' is generating concern in Washington. Apparently, in the statement of other members of the White House and the State Department, during the political trial, Bolton's arguments are appearing as a way of reporting Donald Trump's misconduct.

In fact, for the editor of The New Yorker, Dexter Filkins, who made a complete profile of Bolton in the magazine, the content of Bolton's possible statement is the million dollar question.

According to Filkins, on the one hand, Bolton has a lot of information and ended his relationship with Donald Trump in bad ways; on the other, we must not forget that the former counselor is a very loyal person to the Republicans.

The New Yorker journalist also wanted to deepen the relationship between the two politicians: apparently since the day Bolton was chosen by Trump there were differences between the two leaders: "Bolton is not an ally of Trump. Nor is he his friend. That is really worrisome in Washington. No one knows what he can do. He's smart. He's a Yale lawyer. He's very smart. And he was in the middle of everything, so he has all the information. "

Given this power of Bolton, Filkins is clear that his testimony could be "potentially devastating" for the president, due to his status as "one of the main Republicans of the establishment."

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