The PP Considers That "with The Approval Of The Budgets The Great Betrayal Of Sánchez To The Spanish Is Consummated"

The Popular Party has assured this Thursday that the approval of the General State Budgets that the Congress of Deputies will carry out this afternoon with a large majority “consummates the great betrayal” of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, “to the Spanish” . In the opinion of the vice-secretary of Communication of the popular, Pablo Montesinos, the public accounts show “the great lie of the Prime Minister because everything that Sánchez said he was not going to do, and there is the newspaper library, which is devastating”, it is finally “what he has done”.

In an interview in Canal Sur, Montesinos denounced “that the sole purpose of Pedro Sánchez is to remain in La Moncloa even though for this he had to agree whatever with Bildu and the independentistas”, achieving these, according to him, the “rapprochement of prisoners ETA to the Basque Country “, the” suppression of Castilian as a vehicular language or the increase in taxes “.


“Where is the Constitutional Socialist Party? There is nothing left of the PSOE. There is only the Sanchista Party, there is sanchismo,” concluded the head of the PP Communication, complying with the arguments that the leadership of his party sent. this week to all popular leaders asking to divide the PSOE between “sanchistas” and “constitutionalists.”

Montesinos has added that the PP’s claim is to consolidate itself as the “containment dam” against the Government. As an example, the popular leader has valued the actions taken by the autonomous governments of the PP. “Faced with the government’s attempts to raise taxes, we will lower them. Faced with its attempts to attack freedom, we will wave that flag with greater force,” he warned.

During the interview, the deputy secretary of Communication of the popular has reaffirmed the defense of the PP “of democratic institutions, the separation of powers and judicial independence” against a Prime Minister who keeps “a complicit silence” in the face of the alleged “attacks” from the vice president, Pablo Iglesias, to “the pillars” of democracy.

For all this, Montesinos has made an appeal to the Spanish to “feel proud of the Constitution.” “In it we all fit and it gives us freedom and democracy in the face of political voices, which are even within the Government, who attack our institutions,” he has settled



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