The PP Denounces a Clamp Of The PSOE And Vox Against Casado

In the PP there is optimism these days with the surveys that are known. From the collapse of April, when he fell to 66 seats, he can raise 10-N to 100. A boost that, regret in the direction of the game, is slowing the PSOE with the help of Vox, which polls also give an important advance: of the 24 current deputies could reach 40. Sources from the dome of Pablo Casado said Monday that Pedro Sánchez "is inflating" some issues to "give prominence" to the party of Santiago Abascal and "prevent the PP can keep growing". These sources referred to Franco's exhumation and the serious Catalan political conflict.

"The PSOE uses Vox to stop the PP from growing and Vox lets itself be used (…) The PSOE-Vox pact is working," they complain at Genoa headquarters. Conservative sources warn that this "joy" of the ultra party can become "sadness throughout Spain" because the socialist general secretary can continue to govern. The main slogan of the PP campaign is "for all that unites us" and will be added "with you we add", in reference to that electoral formula to present together from Spain Sum that both Citizens and Vox discarded. In fact, Casado will send different letters to the voters according to each province to tell them how many votes to Vox ended up without being useful, because in the end they did not get any deputy and ended up benefiting Sánchez.

"Concrete contacts"


"The PSOE and Vox speak, they have complementary interests, they try to polarize," they underline in Genoa without wanting to clarify those "concrete contacts" that ensure that there have been between leaders of the two formations.

Married already decided weeks ago to forget Vox, not try to win back those voters of the extreme right and correct their choice regarding the April campaign. Play again in the center. That is why he has also asked his leaders to avoid the issues of Franco, euthanasia, abortion and be cautious about the Catalan issue, to mark distances with the ultra party. He will throw all darts against Sanchez. He is his rival. Neither Albert Rivera nor Abascal. At the end of the day, if in November the PP returns to the Moncloa it will be thanks to the sum of the rights, although it seems that the conservatives, in these circumstances, are disturbed by a Vox that is ahead of Citizens and too strong.

The bell

The president of the PP will open this Thursday night the election campaign officially in Seville. There will be the act of pasting posters. On Saturday he will participate in a rally with Alberto Núñez Feijóo in a town of Pontevedra and return to Madrid, where on Sunday and Monday he will dedicate them to prepare the debate for five to be held at night. On Wednesday 6 he will go to a rally in Barcelona, ​​a city where he also plans to be on reflection day (9) for "family reasons".