The President Of CEIM, Miguel Garrido, On The Management Of The Ayuso Government: "It’s Worrying And It’s Not Presentable"

The president of the Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE (CEIM), Miguel Garrido, has criticized in an interview in El Mundo published this sunday the management of the Government of the Community of Madrid. It is worrying and it is not presentable, has affirmed.

The representative of the Madrid businessmen has complained about the “improvisation” and the “changes in criteria” in the management of the coronavirus crisis by the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Likewise, it has denounced the lack of dialogue with businessmen when making the decision to confine 37 sanitary areas in the region. “We met them at their press conference,” he said about the new measures announced this Friday.


He has also declared his opposition to the possibility of applying more restrictive measures in the Community, something to which the Regional Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has been open, if the new restrictions are not effective. “Asking for a state of alarm in Madrid would have a terrible effect. Perhaps the economy can not bear it,” he has settled.

The president of CEIM has also been critical of the actions of the central government: “It should have acted before with its sole command and now there has been a lack of coordination.” Garrido has indicated that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez “lacks a culture of negotiation that the social agents do have.” “Six months later when the problem is reproducing, that we continue with failures of all kinds and that we are not caught prepared, it cannot be,” he criticized.



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